May 5 – Readjusting

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So the good news is that it looks like surgery isn’t necessary. The third opinion on Monday confirmed that and I have a follow up in a week to see if that decision is firm or not. So now I just roll around in a wheel chair with my leg in a boot and hope that my ankle readjusts well. The good news is that the wheel chair is perfectly sized for my desk so I can still work, which I’m doing a lot of.

Not that I am complaining, but I’m not sure where all of this coaching came from. The last couple months have been nutty with coaching, and I’m back to averaging more than 15hrs/week. So between that, running the store, making videos, editing videos, side work, and trying to make my GF happy…I’m running very short on time. I think this is the issue that every entrepreneur faces at one point or another. Trying to balance a million different things, and more importantly a family, and not burning out while doing so. There are worse problems for sure, but it’s a tough one none the less.
I’ve also been doing a lot of work for LuckBox Media. I finally got the logo worked out, some content ideas brewing, and other fun stuff in the pipeline. The website is super rough right now, but it’s a base of what’s to come. And speaking of creating graphics I finally created a table theme for PokerTracker 4. I still want to finish a card theme and chip theme, but that’s for whenever I get a free 6 minutes of actual free time, lol. And with that said, I’m going to go finish up some side project work and try to kick it a little tonight. Hope all is going well with you!


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