My Personal Challenge

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Like many of you know; I don’t put in as much poker volume as I’d like to.  This is mostly due to time constraints with side projects, coaching, videos, personal life, family, etc.  However, I think it’s time that I start playing a bit more often.  So because of this I deposited $100 on a site that will go unnamed for now, with a username that will go unnamed for now, and I am going to grind it up as best I can.  My goal is this:

1. To start from very small limits and grind up

2. To learn about the smaller limits that I haven’t ever really played myself

3. To intelligently, yet aggressively, work a bankroll upwards

4. To get back to making real-time decisions regularly

5. Make some money

6. Relearn how to control tilt

I don’t expect this to be worth my hourly in the sense that I am currently playing 10NL and won’t get back to a worthwhile hourly until I get to at least 50NL, but I think this will be a good journey for me.  This of course has been done before (eg. Verneer’s Moving Up Through uNL in 2010), and I’m not claiming to be unique here, but this is honestly more of a personal challenge than anything else.  It’s been forever since I’ve grinded hard, and while I won’t be grinding full-time (I still have other projects and part-time work to attend to, on top of family time), it will be nice to play poker again.  Thus far I am +4BI in 1K hands, playing mostly 10NL 6max (with some FR games when I need to fill the space), playing 6 tables until I feel comfortable jumping up to 8.  It’s been awhile since I’ve multi-tabled as well, so it could take a couple weeks before I feel comfortable getting back to 10+ tables of 6max.

Here are my initial thoughts:

1. I am playing under-rolled for 10NL, but I need to get the hell out of the super-micros

2. I plan on shot-taking 25NL once I get to $250 with a 2BI stop-loss

3. I need to re-color my Hud.  My FR number-colors are confusing me

4. Regs can be seperated into two types here: never adjusting or nutty aggro

5. I badly need to regain some tilt control, both winner’s tilt and losers tilt

As motivation for myself, here is a screenshot from my old database playing 16+ tables:

I make no promises how I’ll do with this, but I’m posting this to keep myself accountable.  And with that, let’s gogogogogogogogo!


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