Nov 29 – A Very Late Happy T-day!

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Happy Turkey day a few days (ok, quite a few days) late. I ended up taking Thursday to Saturday totally off, and Sunday was a light day as well. Getting work done last week was tough as my brain went into vacation mode really quick…but I still smashed through and finished as much as I could. My girlfriend and I left early Thursday and got out to my grandparents in Palm Springs in time for the food and festivities. My uncle and his family were in as well, so it was a pretty jam packed family weekend.

Besides food and the normal family catch-up game…we went to the zoo and also did the Palm Springs Tram. The zoo was pretty sweet as they had a lot of desert animals that I hadn’t seen before (including snakes/spiders)…and the tram was the same as it has been for every year prior lol. Still got some good pictures, and the lady friend seemed to enjoy it all (which is all that matters). We got back into town on Saturday night (after stopping at the Tanger shops for some random stuff) and just chilled out on Sunday. Overall, a nice lil mini-vacation.
This week is right back into the grind. Coaching has randomly started picking back up, and I’ve been setting up a lot of LeakFinders. I’m starting to use some new software which is making LeakFinding a damn blast…so if you are looking for some coaching that utilizes your DB…let me know =) I’ve also gotten back to my video grind and am considering putting another big project on my shoulders in the next few months. We shall see. And coupled with that I’m thinking about putting my resume together and doing some job shopping once the new year kicks in. So if you know anyone who is hiring for iMarketing, SEO, video production, etc…just let me know =)
Other than that, everything else is going well. My focus has been kind of hellish lately, but I think by smashing my schedule full of projects and giving myself very little breathing room I will work through it lol. Hope all is going well with you, and cheers to crushing the last little bit of 2011!


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