Nov 6 – Watching The WSOP FT Live…

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Today has been a busy ass day. I did the wall (3 students back-to-back-to-back), and have been trying to keep up on the WSOP FT feed as much as possible. I’m going to go watch the rest with my friends in a lil while, but wanted to get a blog post written before I did that. The last few days have been alright. I have just been coaching and finishing up book work non stop, all the while trying to get sessions in and junk. I got all of the book images done (about 90 or so) in about 8hrs, which took much longer than I anticipated it taking. Most of them are just things like screen shots of flopzilla or pokerstove, but I did make some custom ones as well.

I also bought out of my volume prop bet, as I got way behind due to student load picking up and also book things. I am still going to try and make it, but I stand just about no chance and figured buying out for a cheaper meal was a good idea. Yes, I’m an EV nerd. However, I have been putting in some more volume over on PS, and trying to fit in some late night 6max sessions before I get tired and/or hit the gym. I have been averaging a lift every 2 days, which has been lovely. I am starting to feel in good shape for the first time in a long while.
I am feeling really hungry this week though. I have about 9hrs of coaching scheduled, and want to get a lot done around that. I want to try and do another video (on playing 3bet pots, as I’m finding most people struggle balls there), lots of playing in, and hopefully start jumping up in 6max. I am going to be super aggro and keep building up 3BIs for the higher level so I can keep shotting quickly. I see no reason that I shouldn’t be aggro, and don’t want to fall in the normal trap that most do of grinding out the same level forever. It’s just not worth my time imo to keep doing that. I also need to start prepping the protege program for 2011. Hopefully more details will follow shortly =)
And on that note…I’m off to sweat the FT. Hope all is well!


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