November 1 – Boston And Stuff

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My mini-vacation has been awesome thus far. Just relaxing, sleeping, getting some work done, and chilling down in Boston. Got in on Thurs, slept for most of the day due to not getting a wink of sleep on the plane. Watched “The Hangover” and also “Street Kings”…and never took advantage of the wi-fi on the plane. O well. Nice to be around except for the damn allergies I get from the change of the season.

I also realize I am addicted to the Monopoly game at McDonalds. I have been very good as far as not eating there, but randomly decided to grab breakfast there the other day because I was driving home at 6a. Now all I want are the damn pieces so I can collect for “free” McFlurries and junk. I also figured out the best bet is to buy the hash browns…though I haven’t gotten so bad as to figure out the EV per hasbrown. I’m such a nit sometimes, lol

The weekend was solid. Got lots of coaching in which was good. Also played in the HU4LOLz tourny again. Got knocked out in the first round by Baja15. Not surprising as I suck at HU =) However, he did admit he was running and hitting quite well. I recorded it, and hopefully will have it put up in the next few days if it turns out alright. Past that, everything else is all good. Relaxed in Boston rather than going out on Halloween, but I’m still perfectly fine with that decision.

(edit: Link to the video)

Hope all is well with everyone.



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