November 12 – Damn Laptop…

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So my damn laptop decided it didn’t want to stay on yesterday. Called support to figure it out, and it turns out that the fan inside is probably dead. Makes sense because my laptop will turn itself off if it gets too hot. I’m supposed to have a tech coming out in the next few days (Monday at the latest), which sucks because I feel so odd without my normal set up. My roommate is letting me use his desktop for the time being, which is nice because I need to get certain things done.

Sleep schedule has been hilarious. I slept for 15hrs last night (1p-4a) and that has been pretty standard. I really don’t know what is wrong with me. My guess is either depression (although I really don’t feel depressed right now) or sickness or I am catching up on all the hours of sleep I missed in Boston. Again, I have no idea which it is…but whatever…it’ll figure itself out.

Random things from this week:

1.) I flooded my bathroom. I was cleaning it (the irony in this is LOL obviously) and without thinking threw some paper towels in the toilet after cleaning the seat, flushed it, and walked away. Heard the horrible sound of running water 2 minutes later and found my floor covered in water. I was just lucky to have found it quickly, and used a weeks worth of laundry to dry it all up. No mold as of yet, and everything seems to be back to normal. Lesson learned

2.) Never eat a whopper without cheese on it. That is all

3.) I went to the store to pick up some fried chicken (the local food store has an amazing deli with in-store made fried chicken). They also have amazing dipping sauce (buttermilk ranch that I cannot seem to find anywhere else). I ask the guy behind the counter for extra sauces, and he apparently ran out. He jokingly asked me if I wanted the full bottle…I seriously accepted and left. Score free sauce for me =)

4.) I started the uFR Secret Santa 2009 this week. LINK for those interested. This event was a ton of fun last year, and in just 2 days I already have more people involved in this year’s. Jump in if interested, as the more the merrier.

5.) If you remember about a month ago I went to a GP to get the ball rolling on seeing a psychiatrist. The GP gave me 2 places to get in touch with. I just called them yesterday (thank you ADD for moving that process along in a timely manner). Turns out he referred me to 2 in-patient mental wards (where you check yourself in for weeks at a time). WTF signals did I give off!??! I’m guessing he just gave me 2 phone numbers from his list of mental health services list…but wtf

That is all. I am done with trading for the day (may start up again later, but not sure yet). System is working out quite well, so no complaints. Have a good one everyone



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