November 16 – I Are Angry

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So I had a feeling last week that the computer tech guy would not be here on Thursday or Friday. Believe it or not, I was correct. The customer service guy said Monday would be the last day I would possibly have to wait for. I decided to call this morning just to make sure that someone would be out here today. Not really to my surprise the customer service guy told me that my request for a tech was never put through last week. NO FUCKING WAY! Seriously…I wish I could say I was shocked…but ’tis how I run sometimes. Finally get a call from the computer tech today, but he might not be out here until Thursday/Friday. I really have no bets placed that he will be here tomorrow or Wednesday…in fact, I really wouldn’t be shocked if I had to wait until after Thanksgiving.

Other than that, nothing is really new. The trading system is getting stronger and stronger. I may create a blog in the next month or so so I can start showing some of my trades, and I tend to learn better when I write about what I am doing anyway. Still trading on the sim account, but no reason to rush into live yet until we are sure the system is +EV enough. We have actually been getting a lot of help from a trading coach…so hopefully that all pans out well…

I really want to be grinding right now tbh. My sleep schedule has me awake for only 12 hours per day, and I have about 4 free hours per day (after eating, trading, attempted relaxing, coaching) and want to spend that working more. I just need to wait for my laptop to be fully fixed. I did end up picking up a lot of students in the last few days…some leakfinder and some taking advantage of the end of year sale…so my schedule will be picking up a little bit. Also picked up a SSing student which I haven’t done in quite some time…so that should be fun as well.

Past that, life is the same. Random junk in a few lines: some kid tried to steal my racquetball the other day…normally I wouldnt care but I have very few left and didn’t want to have to go to the store. I felt bad cuz the kid was super embarassed about it. whoops. Equus is coming into town this weekend so I will go down to the strip and see him at some point. I have been going to bed at 6p every night and feel like the biggest loser. If 21yr old me ever met 23yr old me…a brawl would be enacted and 21yr old me would win. I am also going to be writing a COTW for December on transitioning into a LAG…so that should be fun (and I will try to add pictures to make it less boring). That is all.

Hope all is well!



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