November 29 – Thanksgiving Weekend

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What a good holiday it turned out to be. I will start from the beginning and try to do this by day:

Thursday: I woke up at 6a, took care of emails and 2p2 stuff, then packed up. Hit the road for Palm Springs (about a 4.5hr trip) at 8. Nice weather on the road, so no complaints from me. Jessica (for those unaware, that is the name of my car) did very well. There were a lot of grade changes (elevation changes from 1K-3K feet regularly)…but I just took it easy and had no issues. In the desert there are very few highway rest stops…which sucks because back East you are spoiled with a rest stop like every 40mi. I am also a complete nit and never want to feel stressed about gas in the desert (breaking down out there, esp where phone reception isn’t always guranteed, would suck)…so I stopped at some random exit to get gas. Damn stuff was $3.49/gal…which is nuts being the worst I saw anywhere else was $2.89. lol…I got robbed…but whatever.

Got to Palm Springs at like 12:30 and got some food in my belly right away. My grandparents new place is actually quite nice…and in a very quiet location. Quite scenic as well with mountains in the background and palm tress everywhere. Mostly just caught up and ate the entire day. Didn’t eat the actual turkey until about 4:30p and I passed out quickly after desert…but still a good day none the less =)

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Friday: Woke up at 9a, which was awesome as I needed a lot of sleep. Went down to the pool as soon as I woke up (the weather there is like 20* hotter than Vegas, so swimming was certainly an option). Starting the day with swimming laps and then beer+hot tub is a great way to begin. I met a few of my their friends at the pool, and all were very nice. It is apparently a very gay community, so I met some guy training for the “gay games” in Germany (he didn’t seem to find my “gaylympics” comment very funny, lol) and another gay couple who adopted a twins….very well behaved twins actually.

Went back after, got some breakfast, and got ready for the day. Headed over to the Palm Springs Tram which is really cool. We had to wait for about an hour for our turn, so we just played Rummy 500 while waiting. We then rode the tram car up the mountain (about 6K feet up) and got an amazing view over LA, the mountain itself, and the windmill farm. Very cool to say the least. On the top of the mountain are a few restaurants and giftshops, but we just took some pictures and then headed back down. Ended up meeting a nice family from Philly who was out here for some field hockey tournament…and one of the kids was thinking about going to Syracuse for college, so I talked to her about that and gave her some helpful advice =)

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Got back down the mountain, then went to this Gorilla Burger place for dinner. Quite good and had a jalapeno burger which was actually quite good. My grandma suggested we go to one of the local casinos (Aqua Caliente)…and luckily for me they had a poker room. Fairly small room, but had about 12 tables I would guess, and looked fairly well run. Got my name on the 1/3NL, 2/5NL, and 6/12/Kill 08…and got called for the 6/12Kill O8 first. Ended up playing that all night (only played for around 1.5-2hrs), and made $1 profit after tipping out and ATM rake. Sweet night =) Played very well, but got caught in a 4way killer pot with 2nd 2nd (A862 on an A8644 board against 32xx 32xx and J874…also, if you are not laughing at J874…you do not understand O8 =) ). O well…nice to play a lil live for a mix up.

Saturday: Woke up at 7a, got ready, at eggs benedict, and then helped with dishes. Packed up and got ready to go pick up my great grandma from the airport, as I wanted to do lunch with her before I left. It was raining as we left, which was odd because the locals told me that it hadn’t rained in months. It made the drive hellish because desert people do not know how to drive in the rain, and it was coming down really hard. Picked great grandma up no issue, grabbed lunch at TGIFridays with her, and then bounced back to Vegas.

It was only a 3.5hr drive back but hellish because the weather was on and off. Managed to do the whole trip on 2 CDs, but enjoyed the overall drive. Got home, got set up, and crashed out quickly. Woke up this morning for coaching and have been going ever since. Going to do another one (damn time zone conversion) and then possibly another one later on today.

Hopefully the holiday was good for yall as well.



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