November 4 – Heading Back To Vegas

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I’m heading to the airport in an hour and just figured I would write something up before I left. My vacation was very solid. My sleep schedule is very silly right now though. I cannot seem to sleep an entire night all the way through. Not really sure why, but I can only sleep for like 2hrs at a time, and then I wake up. Very odd, but hopefully it will correct itself when I get back to Vegas.

Spent most of my remaining time in the city. Had a really nice dinner at a place called “Sonsie” over on Newbury. Really good stuff, and we did a nice tasting of the menu. I will say I was very impressed with the oysters and scallops…but I’m a total seafood whore =) Also ended up doing sushi with my mom earlier today, which was good. Though sad to say that my sushi place in Vegas is better than the one I went to today. But O well…

I’m in an odd mood at the moment and most of that is due to a lot of reflection over the last few days. I realized that I am not where I wanted to be by 23. I actually feel reeeeeeeally behind where I wanted to be. A big part of that is that I feel like I am floating. I have felt like this for most of the last 2.5years, and I have been fully aware of it. I think I need to put more structure in my life. As an ADD kid, I desperately desire structure to make me productive. So I am going to start working on that more.

In saying that, I need to figure out what I want to do with the trading stuff. I already have my trading account all set up (joint account), but I do not feel like I am ready to start trading yet. This has been pretty frustrating to me. My roommate is an amazing learner, and probably the most motivated person I have ever met…and I know I am taking a much longer time to get a good handle on all of this. I just got to the point the other day where I realized that I don’t NEED to keep up. I can, and thus will, work at my own pace. And besides, I have learned a ton about markets/trading over the last 2mo anyway…

That being said, I am going to start grinding much more. My student load has picked up considerably, but I feel I need to be putting in more volume as October was a fairly light month as far as volume, or any sort of productivity, is concerned. So this will be the first month in almost 10 that I will make goals:

1.) 50K hands at a minimum
2.) Get through the entire trading strategy blog
3.) Pick up at least 2 students
4.) $4K month at a minimum
5.) Read “The Secret”
6.) Make at least 1 new song
7.) Write something for 2p2 (maybe a 5,555 post post)

That is all. Sorry for the lengthy post. Hope all is well!



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