October 18 – The Strip For The Weekend

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The weekend was really good, well timed, and pretty much exactly what I needed. Went down to the strip on Friday night after I finished up with a student. Met up with Jon and Seth (college friends who live in Vegas as well) who were there with a poker player they had just met. Kid was cool, moved out here to be a stand-up comic which I thought was pretty dope. I felt so odd pelting him with questions that he was probably rolling his eyes to (same way that I roll my eyes when someone asks me silly basic questions about poker as a profession)…but I was legit interested. For all intents and purposes he will be named “Randy”…now and forever.

Met up with Skelm and his other Aussie friend Jonny at Blondies to play flippong. The game was pretty damn sloppy as I haven’t played in about 2 months (since my college friend visited last) and the Aussies had never played beer pong, yet alone flip cup. They got the hang of it pretty quickly and I believe my team ended up shipping it after 2 hours or so (damn game lasts forever, lol). Stopped over at ‘Earl of Sandwich” which was quite amazing, and necessary as I didn’t eat anything that day since breakfast. Bummed around for a bit and watched Randy and Seth play some roulette before bouncing home.


Got a PM from Damntra (from 2p2) that he was in town and decided to meet up with him on Saturday night. So we all met at Blondies again (the Aussies and Randy) and played another few hours of flippong. Felt bad as Damntra was not properly dressed for drinking games, my bad, lol. Was smart enough to eat this time before I went out, and picked up Create-a-burger with Jon and Seth. Holy shit that place is amazing. Def a must-eat for burger fans. And it reminded me how awful the 80/20 burgers I’ve been cooking for myself at home are. Was a good night, and odd because we ran into Jeff Madsen and the interviewer chick from CardPlayer there….you see so many random poker people around in Vegas…

Spent most of today just relaxing and getting some random stuff done. Also had a good talk with Skelm last night so hopefully I will be getting on the Stox calendar soon. Randomly got an email from a student today and set up a last minute session which went very well. I have to wake up for the market tomorrow, so I am just going to spend the next hour reading about charts and formations and then hopefully be able to crash. It is hard to fall asleep when you literally woke up 7hours ago, but hopefully I can do it. Hope all is well



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