October 27 – I’m Out…

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So I think I mentioned in my last post that I have been getting a bit restless…so I decided to fly out to Boston for a week or so. I just need a chance of scenery. I leave tomorrow after a student and getting some other chores done. I also decided to take Air Tran due to hearing they have wi-fi on all of their flights…not sure if I will grind out on the plane…but it’s always nice to have the option =)

My body randomly decided to hate the hell out of me today. I woke up, ate a muffin, and almost passed out when I stood up. I think I have been pretty bad as far as getting my daily need of proteins (my diet has been pretty concentrated on sugars and carbs, oops)…so I made sure to get some chicken in my body today. Have been feeling much better since, but I need to remember to start eating more eggs and such.

Have just been coaching this week mostly. I have been meaning to play, but between trading learning/discussion and having really bad ADD attacks (due largely to being restless) I haven’t gotten around to it. This month got very lazy as far as my hand goal is concerned…but I also spent a lot of it learning this trading stuff (and following charts, and waking up at 6a some days, etc)…so I don’t feel really bad about it. I want to finish the year strong though…so hopefully I can find a better balance…

Past that, nothing else is really new. I DL’d “The Hangover” and “Taken” for the plane ride…I loved The Hangover when I saw it over the summer…and I’m pretty sure it has some re-watch value. I also need to load up about 10GB of music that I’ve been collecting over the last month. I officially have waaaaaaaaaay too much music on my computer…but there are worse things =)

Hope all is well with everyone…



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