October 4 – I Am An Odd 23 Year Old

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I swear I have to be one of the odder 23 year olds…or at least I feel that way. My life is just so odd in comparison to any other 23 year old I know or meet. Some of this stuff bothers me, some of it doesn’t…but let’s look at some of the odd shit I do:

1.) I arbitrarily decide to move cross country whenever I feel like it.

2.) I don’t party at all. I drink MAYBE once a month, I do nothing else. I have never even smoked weed (wanted to set a good example for my brother and sister…the irony in that is LOLable I assure you)

3.) I am more focused on being 30 than being young. I feel maybe I never grew out of the “I cannot wait to be older” stage of my life. Obviously when we are 8 we want to be older so we can drive and drink and w/e else comes with being older. At 21 I didn’t embrace that, all I thought about was “what do I need to do to make sure life at 30 is better than it is now?”.

4.) I have a minimal social life. This is partially due to #3 as I spend my time reading and learning to prepare for being older. I also have to allow a massive amount of time for relaxation, or at least attempting it. I am naturally stressed at all times over one thing or another, some real some not, and it drives my fucking blood pressure way up. This one I want to change

5.) I care 90x more about any other person than myself. This has its pros and cons, but overall I think it is a good thing. At least it keeps me driven to make enough where I can be more charitable when I am more liquid

6.) I live in Vegas and have done Vegas in the exact opposite way any other normal person would. I have been to maybe 2 clubs, no shows, no stripclubs, and really only go down to the strip to grind.

I mean there are a thousand other things as well (everything from thinking $100K/yr isn’t really worth much to doing a full EV analysis when deciding my driving route)…but these are the ones that come to mind. I think I want to change them a lil bit, so I have some work to do. The social thing really isn’t worrisome to me as I am not awkward in those situations…I just don’t do them often. I don’t really see the planning and stress thing improving much, but that is all part of being an INTJ I suppose.

Not sure why I wrote this…but w/e. In case people didn’t know (I cannot remember if I’ve mentioned it before)…but I use this blog to see where I was 1yr ago…so I like to write rando posts like this so I can see where my mental was at. Sorry if you didn’t enjoy it =)



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