October 7 – Odd Moods The Last Few Days

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Not really sure why, but I’ve been super inconsistent with my mood the last few days. Just swinging from depressed to like super happy for no damn reason. I think my sleep schedule is hurting me, so I am going to try and do something about that (slowly crept from going to bed at like 10p back to like 4a). I have been kind of in a funk from poker, but not fully sure why. I’m about breakeven on the month, which started like absolute shitballs. Who knows…stupid mental status sometimes.

Got back to some racquetball today which was more than necessary. Was actually very cool because when we got there we ran into the only other people that play. So we played some doubles (first time I’ve ever played doubles before) which was a whole new experience. After that we put in a 2 hour HU session which was much more aggressive than it normally is. Really good workout, and thankfully my wrists and knees have been holding up much better (thanks to tape).

Have also been spending a lot of time reading and staring at charts the last few days. I hammered out a pretty solid strategy that is super basic but seems to be performing pretty well on a 10 year backtest. We are trying to figure out something that will allow us to get around the pattern day trading rule…so might be looking at futures, currency, or possible swing-trading of some sort. Plenty of options, just have to pick one and then exploit the market we choose.

Hopefully I will have something awesome up later today…so make sure to check back either later today or tomorrow.

Hope all is well!



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