Poker Hand Review – Q9 + Flush

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Poker Stars $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold’em – 9 players –
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BB: $50.00
UTG: $47.20
UTG+1: $52.25
UTG+2: $60.30
MP1: $40.00
MP2: $35.40
Hero (CO): $53.00
BTN: $87.90
SB: $50.25

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is CO with QQ of diamonds 99 of diamonds
5 folds, Hero raises to $1, BTN calls $1, SB calls $0.75, 1 fold

Flop: ($3.50) 33 of diamonds JJ of diamonds AA of diamonds (3 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $2, BTN calls $2, SB calls $2

Turn: ($9.50) KK of hearts (3 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $8, BTN calls $8, SB calls $8

River: ($33.50) 22 of clubs (3 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $42 all in

So this is the original hand. I am running about 29/25, and very aggro at the time. The BUT is a very solid reg running 26/20 over about 900 hands, with a fairly high 3b%. The SB is a 14/10 over 2K and the BB is a 17/11 over 800 hands. I minR here because BUT has a very high 3b%, and i think he will 3b a minR less often (being more inclined to call and try to play IP). Also, I like to minR quite often anyway…as it fits into my style quite well. So I end up getting called by the BUT and the SB, and see a gorgeous 3way flop.

I CB the flop, and nothing special happens…so we see a 3way turn card of a clean King. Here, is a great spot to make a bigger bet than your standard 2/3 bet. It is pretty unlikely either has a set, as i can assume that AA and JJ are rarely in the ranges, and also that 33 would have raised the flop in an effort to commit. The King is a good card as it makes a lot of 2prs (AJ/KJ), and also gives the NFD a pair. I bet large here to get calls from that part of the range, but also figure that Ax will come along often given my aggressive image.

The river is where I think I made a mistake. I get one check to me, and then shove for a little more than pot. This is bad because it doesn’t encourage Ax to call me, really only 2pr. Also, if they have a flush (a slowplayed babyflush which wouldn’t make too much sense, but I certainly should not rule out)…they will shove over my bet. A much better bet would have been $19.85. This stands to get called in both spots very often, netting me around $28.5 on average (thinking sometimes they wont both call)…and a shove will probably not get calls as often, esp not from both, only netting me an estimated $16.5. Multiway spots are special, and often times it can be more profitable getting called in both spots for smaller, than getting 1 caller for a bigger bet



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