Sept 3 – NYC Weekend

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The last few days flew by. I left Vegas on Tuesday after a lovely dinner with Kuge (Naked Fish, ldo). The plane ride was actually alright. Took a red-eye flight and got about 20min of sleep the entire ride. Ended up watching “Wanted” and some of “Smoking Aces 2”, and listening to a ton of relaxing music (Morcheeba ftw). Landed in Boston, did breakfast with my dad and then bounced over to my mom’s place.
Slept from noon to about 7p at my moms and then did dinner with her and Ray. Just relaxed for the rest of the night and got about 3hrs of sleep before waking up early in the morning for breakfast plans. Did breakfast with them then left right away for Jon’s. We went over to Borderland and played 9 holes of disc golf (didn’t have much time sadly). Ended up going +3, but the course was awesome and I plan on playing it the next time I am in the area.

It is hot as hell out here though. Yea it is hot in Vegas, but with the damn humidity of 9000% you just never cool off. So I took a quick shower and then we bounced down to NYC with Nigel. Was a quick trip and we played Chinese and joked around the whole time. Made it down to Central Park and picked up Dan. Parked, and then bummed around the park for awhile. Ended up walking over to some bar and grabbed a few beers before heading down to Harlem to Dinosaur.

We had to wait about 1hr for a seat, but it gave us time to die from fucking heat and wait for Powers/Lisa/Christina. I’m pretty sure I was very dehydrated from all of the walking (about 5mi that day) and the humidity, but it is what it is. We grabbed a quick dinner, jumped on a subway, and headed back up to Central Park East (as they had an issue with CPW for some odd reason). We found some bar called “Dead Poets” and got relatively hammered there. In the event it is necessary…sorry Christina =(

(random sign from NYC)

Grabbed breakfast at 1a, headed down to Nigel’s in CT, and crashed out. Woke up in the afternoon and drove back to Jon’s so I could pick up my car. Did that, drove up to NH by myself and hit a ton of traffic. Hurricane Earl might be entering the area and people are freaking out about it. So they were driving slow and like total idiots. Took me a few hours to finally get up here, but I made it. So we just ate, drank, had lobster bisque, and played Skip-bo tonight. I am totally exhausted and plan on crashing in a few minutes. Up early in the morning to pick up my sister from UNH and then enjoy some more drinking and eating festivities. Hope everyone else is enjoying the long weekend =)


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