September 10 – Back In Vegas!

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So I landed back in Vegas yesterday afternoon. Fairly uneventful flight which is always nice. Ended up laying over in Chicago a little early, so paid for wireless internet (which i will say, seems absolutely ridiculous) in hopes of getting some poker in…but sadly the games were pretty dead (which I probably should have expected being it was 8a). O well…bummed around in the 2p2 chatroom and then caught my flight with no hassles.

Got home and got some hours in, which felt good. I am running absolutely awful at HULHE right now, just running top side of everyone’s range, and LOLing at how many made hands ppl FLOP while I can’t even hit them by the river. O well. FR isn’t going that much better tbh…went on a 5BI spiller the other day, but when you only hit 3 sets, and 2 of them get stacked…it’s going to make for a not fun session. Games were good, my spots/luck were not…just another day at the office.

Had a fun session today. My student wanted to sweat me for an hour, so we did that. He wanted to experience a LAG game real-time…so I LAG’d on about 6 tables while we just chatted about whatever. Was a really nice and fun session…though sadly I couldn’t LAG very well given the table conditions (so i ended up only doing like 22/18). Had a ton of interesting spots given the forceful 3b/4b game I was using…but I think my student appreciated it all the more. Then did a LeakFinder session a little while after, and decided to call it quits on the day for poker. Also, in the rare event anyone has been paying attention to me on PS, I have begun SSing again…I just want to burn through some hands and I haven’t 20-30 tabled in quite some time…so SSing it is. If it makes you feel any better (since I can rightfully assume that 94% of you reading this hate SSrs) I feel gross after each session =)

I have been getting so tired lately which feels nuts. But I will probably go to bed right after I finish writing this. It does feel very good to wake up at like 8a though…so I think i will keep this schedule for a bit longer. I feel like I have so many more hours per day. And on that note…bed it is. I added a new playlist for those that are interested…I love this song so much…and the covers that people have done on it are just so creative. Enjoy!



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