September 10 – I Got Some Compliments!

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Got a few compliments this week that I wanted to post up:

“This review is a bit late in the making and for that I apologize. Several weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at full-ring nlhe and I hired James for 3 sessions to get me started.

I eventually decided that full-ring nlhe wasn’t for me, but I can confidently say that if I had wanted to continue with it (or if I ever want to go back to it), I would sign-up with James in a heartbeat.

SplitSuit was very helpful and very professional. He was on time for all of our sessions. He took the time to find out where I was in my poker development, in general, and my full-ring nlhe development specifically. He was then able to effectively coach me in areas that proved to have a very positive impact on my winrate. He helped me with my preflop game as well as my postflop game. He helped me with my HUD set up, with table selection and with multi-tabling considerations. His demeanor was always calm, yet upbeat and he had a good sense of humor as well. I ended as a pretty big winner at both 25nl and 50nl and so, my not continuing with full-ring nlhe did not have anything to do with my ability to beat the game or in James’ ability to effectively instruct.

He was also available for a couple of email questions that I had inbetween sessions. Overall, I would recommend James as a great value to small stakes players looking for a little help.”


“Anyway, that one tip has been huge, so I wanted to make sure to thank you for that and for all the coaching you’ve provided. I’m a MUCH better player thanks to your coaching sessions”

I love getting solid feedback from students (past and current). I don’t mean this post to be bragadocious (although I suppose it is impossible to not come off that way)…but I enjoy the feedback and wanted to have a post for it

Hope all is well, and I will write a more normal blog post after I get some coaching and grinding done today



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