September 13 – Gross Month Thus Far

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This month has nooooooot been fun thus far. I am putting in more volume than I normally do and it is kicking my ass. I really cannot find many spots where I am leaking, and trust me, I have been looking. I am spending an insane amount of time checking, double checking, and triple checking every spot I play. So much to the point where I would say I am about 4:1 review:play. Most all of this stint is just spot-dead nonsense. I am hitting a slightly less than average amount of sets, but I am hitting in spots where stacks aren’t going in. So I will just continue to grind grind grind…and hope to work out of this sooner than later. The peak thus far was -9BI…but it seems to be simmering down and starting to work itself out.

Other than that, not much has been going on. I am improving my diet quite a bit actually, and it’s not so bad. Eatting at least a salad per day, and enjoying some sort of fruit. I am also starting to eat more times per day in an effort to increase my metabolism. I have been eating like 2 or 3 large meals per day which isnt the greatest for metabolism…so I finally decide to change that. I am doing about 5-7 small meals per day, and it’s feeling quite good.

Also starting to do the gym more, more yoga, and also sleep better. I have been keeping my sleep schedule at 9p-11p and up around 8a. My body appreciates it, and it’s also good to be able to enjoy so many hours of sunlight (a very important thing to help control depression for those unaware). My goal is also to be doing 2, at a bare min, gym sessions per week. The gym at this apartment is kind of weak, but it has a treadmill and some upper-body equipment (no free weights sadly). I am actually still sore from my session on Friday…but sore never really feels better than when you havn’t been in awhile.

I am also doing a lot of work on focusing on a positive attitude. I often times suck at doing this for myself, but esp while grinding the way i am now…it’s imperative that i focus on keeping my head on right. I am constantly evaluating my work, making sure it is the best I can do while making sure I cut myself some slack as mistakes will always be made. And also reminding myself that swings are standard, they will always happen, and that everyone will go through them (even the people that seemingly run like jesus for long periods of time).

(yes, this is actually the wallpaper I am using on my computer, lol)

So that’s whats going on here. Hope all is well with everyone, and fingers crossed for a better end of the month =)



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