September 20 – Weekend Update And Other Such Things

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The weekend was pretty laid back as far as stress levels are concerned. Being I am back to grinding more hours I am spending a lot of time with my mental game. Rewatched a bunch of Jared Tendler vids from Stox and focused heavily on the tilt control video. It amazes me how this little 13 minute video has helped me time after time when I begin to slip back into a bad tilt routine. So I am back to deep breathing after certain pots and also asking myself “why am I mad and what about that can I ACTUALLY control?”…working out well so far =)

My new goal is 5hrs/day of poker work (coaching included) for 6days/week. This should come out to about 75K hands/mo (9tabling, ldo) which is plenty fine. I feel I have been way too lazy, so it is back to grind time. On top of that, I also need to do at least 2 gym sessions/week and continue along with my diet, which has stayed very solid. These should not be difficult things to do…but will help me with my discipline again.

On top of all this I am spending a lot of time learning the stock market. My friend got interested in it and has shipped me over a bunch of reading to get started on it. It is scary how similar to poker the market is. The mental game is almost all the same (and one of the biggest factors that effects novices from what I can tell) and it is all about finding a strategy, implementing it, and tweaking as necessary. My ADD is making it difficult, but I am learning the way I would learn poker now: reading + playing + pattern searching rinse/repeat. It is kind of odd how quickly my brain is picking up to certain patterns, so I might start doing some paper trading over the next month and seeing how I do. I eventually want to get a prop job when I get back to east coast because the increased leverage will help me get a quicker start and make it scale faster.

That’s it for today. Back to reading and looking at charts =)

Hope all is well



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