September 30 – Month Wrap Up

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What an odd month. Spent the first third in Boston just eating seafood and relaxing. And spent the rest digging myself out a of a decent sized hole. Good news is that the month was in the green, though my worst financial month of the year if I am not mistaken. But when my worst month is still breakeven given cost of living…it could be a lot worse. So no real complaints…and it just keeps me really hungry for next month, and the rest of the year.

So my wrists are fucked. I have been wearing my brace for my right wrist ever since the weekend when I hurt it in the first place. Then felt lazy yesterday so went to play racquetball, but decided to use my left hand instead the whole time (I am semi-ambi….so it wasn’t the hardest thing…but my shots lacked a lot of speed, lol). After an hour of that my left wrist was killing me, so I called it quits. I think my wrist are just insanely weak…probably just early stages of CT, which I will inevitably get full-blown at some point. Today I decided I would try again, but with my right wrist, which was feeling a bit better. So I went to the store and got some tape, taped it up, and after a 1.5hr session I felt amazing. My shots actually felt stronger and a pinch more accurate…so tape it is. Fingers crossed that is all it will take. And it really shouldn’t be bone degradation as I drink a ton of milk and take my multi-vitamin daily…but I will keep a close eye on it.

Decided to take today off from poker as the day started poorly, but look forward to hitting back again tomorrow. I have been staying very consistent in my grinding. I have been grinding either 5hrs OR until I hit my daily goal. Since doing this I have been feeling very little stress, have been hitting my goal in 500 or less hands on most days, and have sky-high confidence atm. I think I may increase my goal for Oct (for Sept I was just doing 2BI/day…may jump that to 3BI). For some odd reason it just works for me…and it is really helping me focus on good spots, not the nEV spots that don’t do much for me. It also keeps me from anchor pointing (nothing worse than hitting your “goal” then sitting down and losing, regardless of how much you lose)…which is feeling sexy good.

I have been doing more and more reading on stock and market stuff. Found a very cool piece of software that is allowing me backtest some strategies. So far my best strat (albeit this is swing strategy stuff (based on a $100K bankroll)…strategies that I will not be using) has been able to make ~$500/yr/investment. My favorite strategy was able to lose $15K/yr/investment. I am having so much fun with this…and also trying to get better with the programming side of it, and figuring out how to make the software run how I want it to. But always more and more reading to do on this, and just trying to approach it like poker…which so far has been easy because investing and poker are so closely related.

I’m going to get back to working. Hope all is well, and good luck in October



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