September 7 – Lake House Update

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Got back in from vacation last night, and enjoyed a nice long sleep. Was a really good weekend, and just the relation that I needed. Recap:


Got in a quick session in the morning (again, waking up at a sick 4a). Drove into Boston around 1p to do lunch with ForGlory. Ate at Legal over at the Pru, which was awesome. Nice to catch up, and even better to do so over seafood. Had to cut the lunch short sadly to get home and pack. Caught very little traffic which was nice, although Boston drivers never cease to amaze me when it comes to driving ability. Got home, packed up real quick, and headed over to the airport to pick up my aunt and uncle.

Got them, headed up to NH, and nicely enough, caught minimal traffic. Picked up some lobster at the Market Basket…amazing to see how much cheaper that was than the lobster roll I had eaten just hours earlier. We went to pay for the lobster (about 15 soft shelled) while they were steaming and gave some woman a heart attack. She just saw the lobster bags going through the scanner (obviously empty) and thought we were honestly paying $30 for each empty bag. Lol…silly New Hampshirites

Had lobster dinner that night, and I passed out quickly after. I still managed to keep my silly sleep schedule up there, which in all seriousness, was fine with me


Woke up at 5a in like 40* weather (all the windows are open at the lake house)…and couldn’t breathe worth a damn. I forgot how bad my allergies can get, and how amplified they are at the lake house. Made the morning pretty damn hellish, and sadly, I didn’t end up getting Clariton until the next day.

Fat breakfast to start the day, and then relaxed for a few hours. Some family friends ended up coming by, and spent most of the day just eating and chatting. Finally got out on the boat in the late afternoon and got to do some tubing. It was so sad to see how much out of shape I am…I was struggling doing just 25mph and maintaining turns the way I used to be able to. But still fun to say the least, and did some tandem tubing with my little cousin, which he has a blast with.

Got back to dock…then got dressed to go visit some other family friends. They had a really dope place over in Winnaposake, something that would make an amazing grind house imo (8 beds, 3 floor town house, hot tub, marina, etc). Left after a quick visit, got some food, and enjoyed some steak tips for dinner…and yet again, crashed out right after dinner


Woke up at 2a to a missed phone call. Tried to call back, but guess she passed out. Couldn’t fall back to sleep, so spent the next 30min reading to try to get tired. Finally passed out again, and woke up a few hours later unable to breathe. Clariton to the rescue.

Plans changed to pick my sister up from UNH and bring her and her BF over for the day/night. Dad went to pick them up, and my cousin and I went tubing for a little longer. More family friends dropped by and thus more awesome food was had. Sister finally showed up in the late afternoon and it was nice to catch up with her and see how her first little bit of college was going.

Helped make some lobster rolls for dinner, and also had the best batch of lobster bisque I’ve ever had. Decided to leave afterwards and head back home. I wanted to have a fully productive Monday and take advantage of the donkey dollars that a holiday like today offers. Feeling very good today, and actually got in an hour of tennis this morning. I feel super revitalized and ready for work. The only poker I got in this weekend was playing NL 5 card double draw with my cousin. He is a massive tell box and gets super excited when he improves, although he didn’t understand the basic strategy I was trying to give him. He would be dealt something like Ac 8h 7h 3h 3s and he would hold the 8h7h3h…took him a little while to get used to holding the pair rather than drawing to a perfect flush….but he still enjoyed it, and only ended up losing about 7.5BI =)

Alright, back to work today. Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend


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