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The Differences Between 6Max & Full Ring

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Today’s question comes from Saki G and they say, “I’m new to online poker and really confused between choosing a 6max or a full ring table. What are the pros and cons of each and what would you suggest for a beginner player?”

This is a great question, one of those questions that every single online player is going to have to answer for themselves at one point or another. For those of you that aren’t really fully aware of it, a full ring table seats either 9 or 10 players, and a 6max table seats at maximum 6, so usually somewhere between 3-6 players will be at that table at any given time.

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Differences Between Poker Tournaments & Cash Games

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Today’s question comes from flyinhazard and he says, “What are your thoughts on tournament poker versus cash games? Also, why don’t you make videos about tournament play?”

Flyinhazard, that’s a great question and there’s a bunch of differences, as well as similarities, between tournaments and cash games. The similarities are going to boil down to what makes a good versus bad play, those are going to be the same between tournaments and cash games. Same thing with the math, things like pot odds, implied odds, and all those kinds of things, nothing is going to change, it all stays the exact same.

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