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Stop Flat Calling With Pocket Queens

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This hand is from 5NL, 6Max on PokerStars Zoom. There’s a raise UTG. Hero decides to call, next act with pocket QQ. I want to talk about this, because this is a really important part of the hand that I think sometimes goes overlooked.

To start out, I want to talk about a situation where I like calling here. I like calling here if you have some really aggressive squeezers behind you. So, you can call, induce that squeeze, and then go forward from there. That’s a great situation.

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Hand Reading Helps Guide Our Decisions

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Jan just wants a line check on this hand, so let’s check it out.

Okay, so this hand is from 10NL 6Max on PokerStars. There’s a raise. Hero decides to 3Bet with KQ, and I can totally be on board with this. There are a couple of situations where I’ll more heavily consider flatting. I may flat here if there’s a fish in the blinds and I thought that by flatting I would induce them to continue as well, so that way I can get that fish in there. Or, I may flat here if I think my post-flop edge against loveterry is super, super sick, and if I were to 3Bet, they’d just fold a ton of the time. So it would be more advantageous to make them go post-flop with me, beat them there, and win a lot more money, rather than just picking up their 3BB pre-flop.

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