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What makes our membership the perfect poker membership?  Well obviously the fact that you can get high quality videos, valuable tips, and top-tier editing for as little as $0/month.  Where else can you get that kind of value?!  Each month I will update this page and let you know all about the videos that will be included so you know what to expect.  And if you don’t already have a membership, get anywhere from 1-5 videos/month starting at just $0 by visiting our membership page.

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This month (October 2014) we have 5 videos to improve your poker skills.  The first video is in the NIT membership, the first two videos are in the TAG membership, and the LAG membership includes all 5!

King Queen (Part 3) (31:28) 50NL

We look at a bunch of hands where we were dealt KQ. These include air spots postflop, single pairs, and even a top-two situation. If you ever feel confused in these situations, pay special attention to this video as the concepts are applicable to other hands like AJ and KJs as well!

The Fisherman (Part 8) (31:21) 50NL

We continue this popular series with more hands against fish specifically. Knowing how to dominate fish is vital at all limits, but even more so if you are playing micro online or smaller live games.

Blind Hands (Part 3) (29:58) 25NL

This series continues looking at hands where Here was in the blinds. Since we’ll usually be OOP when playing hands from the blinds, the postflop situations can be quite tricky. But knowing how to take better lines from here is crucial for improving your blind winrate…so pay attention!

Ace Queen (Part 6) (31:58) 50NL

I continue looking at hands with AQ (and this time at 6max!). Situations range from single pairs to air, and even this tricky spot with AQ as second pair facing aggression.

Micro Madness (Part 13) (32:25) 5NL

Continue improving your micro limit game, and again, all concepts carry over nicely to small stakes live games as well.

Remember, each month there will be brand new videos for you to stream and download so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on your membership page and also here to get detailed information about each video.  And in case you didn’t realize it, for just $9.99 you would have received 2 hours and 37 minutes of  content!  That’s pretty sick if you consider my normal coaching rate of $75/hr and that the average cost of an a la carte video in my store is about $19.  If you already have a membership but you want to upgrade simply go to your account page, cancel your existing membership, purchase the membership you’d like, and then email and I’d be happy to refund any difference.  Start taking your poker improvement serious and get sick value with SplitSuit and The PokerBank!

September 2014

Tough Turns (Part 3) (32:59) 50NL

You know that spot…where you have KK and the turn is that Ace. Or you have two pair and the turn fills up an obvious draw. This series continues looking at these tricky spots and helps you create +EV plans in the process.

Let’s Play OOP (Part 3) (32:41) 25NL

Hate playing OOP? It’s never fun, but it happens and it’s important that we know how to create good lines. This video looks at awkward spots like this:

Some Squeeze Spots (Part 4) (33:43) 25NL

This series continues looking at hands where Hero either squeezed, or faced a squeeze himself. If you feel uncomfortable in these pots, pay special attention here!

Micro Madness (Part 12) (32:00) 10NL

I continue looking at micro limit hands, this time at 10NL…the upper-crust of micro limits online. There are lots of fun hands, including this ace high call down with Ace high…

Some Suited Connectors (33:33) 25NL

Love playing suited connectors? Then you’ll want to take careful notes in this video where I explain when to play them, and how to play them postflop in a variety of situations.

August 2014

More Multi-Way Pots (30:49) 25NL

It’s much more common to see multi-way pots in micro limit and small live poker games…but they can happen at any time. These spots can be awkward and tricky, so knowing how to adjust everything from your bluff CB range to your draws is vital.

Micro Madness (Part 10) (30:03) 10NL

This video continues the Micro Madness series and focuses on playing 10NL. One of the more interesting (and tricky) spots is this top set on a flushed board…

Set on flush board

The Fisherman (Part 7) (31:16) 25NL

Keep working to increase every edge against weaker players. This video continues looking at hands against different kinds of fish, and gives a variety of tips to beat them with ease.

King Queen (Part 2) (32:40) 50NL

As the title suggests, we keep looking at hands with KQ. These range from 3bet pots to tough top pairs…like this hand pictured below:

tough top pair

Micro Madness (Part 11) (34:00) 10NL

Part 11 of this excellent micro-focused series…

July 2014

King Queen (31:30) 50NL

KQ can be an incredibly tricky hand to play, both preflop and postflop. This video looks at a collection of spots with KQ to give you a wider range of skills with these tough cards.

Some Squeeze Spots (Part 3) (33:14) 25NL

This video continues looking at spots where hero either squeezed himself, or faced one, preflop. There are a couple all-in situations in this video that are vital to ensure you are stacking off correctly.

Micro Madness (Part 9) (30:58) 10NL

Let’s keep working on that micro limit strategy with hands taken from that exact limit…

77-99 (30:20) 50NL

77, 88, and 99 cause more problems for people that most any other hand group…so let’s look at some spots and strengthen our strategy with these tricky hands.

Low Flops (Part 4) (32:33) 25NL

How are you playing on low flops with both over pairs and over cards? Watch this video today if you ever feel confused on this texture.

June 2014

Tough Turns (Part 2) (34:19) 50NL

Hate when the turn fills up that draw, or puts an overcard to your pair on the board? This video looks at spots where the turn card sucked and shows you how to capitalize in these uncomfortable situations.

Micro Madness (Part 8) (32:49) 10NL

Part 8 of Micro Madness looks at more micro limit hands and gives specific advice given the dynamics and ranges of micro players. One of the more important situations is playing with AQ against pressure:

Ace Queen (Part 5) (31:03) 25NL

AQ is a great hand, but it can be very tricky to play at times. This video continues looking at more AQ spots, both preflop and postflop, to give you a well-rounded education on this tough hand.

The Fisherman (Part 6) (31:37) 25NL

Fish make up the part of our winrate, so maximizing value from them in every spot is crucial. Get more advice on beating fish in 6max games today

Odd Hands At An Odd Limit (33:26) 16NL

PokerStars may be the only site that spreads $.08/$.16NL, so this seemed like a good time to analyze some hands played at this bizarre stake. The title is nearly flawless for this video!

May 2014

The Fisherman (Part 5) (30:39) 50NL

Keeping in the theme of “The Fisherman” we review a collection of hands played against fishy opponent, including aggressive, passive, and unknown fish.

King High Flops (34:38) 50NL

King high flops can offer their own unique dynamic. So we look at a collection of hands where the flop comes King high and explore how value hands and bluffs alike perform on this specific texture.

Let’s Play OOP (Part 2) (32:59) 50NL

Playing OOP sucks, but sometimes it just happens. So I reviewed a few spots where hero ended up out of position and showed you how to play some of these tricky spots with a range of hand types.

Low Flops (Part 3) (29:30) 50NL

Too often we focus on how to play an Axx flop or Kxx flop…but do you know how to play low flops specifically? In this video we look at low flops from a conceptual and exact point of view. We even pull out Flopzilla and get to work exploring this lowly texture.

Steal Everything (Part 6) (33:26) 50NL

This video picks up where the series left off…looking at hands where hero stole the blinds preflop and ended up getting some sort of action. The postflop spots are crucial since hero usually has weaker hole cards.

April 2014

Micro Madness (Part 7) (31:11) 10NL

Part 7 of the popular Micro Madness Poker Video Series looks at some spots at 10NL and discusses micro limit dynamics and ways to correctly adjust.

Some Squeeze Spots (Part 2) (31:14) 50NL

This video continues looking at some spots where hero either squeezed or faced a squeeze. As you increase your own aggression, or play in more aggressive games, these skill set becomes invaluable.

Let’s Play OOP (34:12) 50NL

Playing OOP sucks, but sometimes it just happens. So I reviewed a few spots where hero ended up out of position and showed you how to play some of these tricky spots with a range of hand types.

Ace Jack Gets Raised

50NL Leftovers(31:40) 50NL

I had a bunch of 50NL left over from previous videos, so I pulled them out and got to work. There is no theme other than the hands are all from 50NL!

Steal Everything (Part 5) (34:33) 25NL

This video picks up where the series left off…looking at hands where hero stole the blinds preflop and ended up getting some sort of action. The postflop spots are crucial since hero usually has weaker hole cards.

K4s flush draw

March 2014

Playing KK (32:50) 50NL

Pocket Kings can be tricky both preflop and postflop.  In this video we look through a collection of KK hands, including single-raised and 3bet pots, to give you a well-rounded education on this powerhouse of a hand.  This should be the second most winning hand in your database, so any improvements can go a long way!

Two Cards, Two Pair (30:34) 50NL

Two pair is an odd hand strength since it’s very strong, but exactly HOW strong? In this video we look at spots where hero caught two pair at some point in the hand and has to decide what line to take.  When should you treat your hand as pure value and when should you slow down and induce?  There are lots of fun spots in this video including this hand pictured below:

Big Two Pair

Micro Madness (Part 6) (33:29) 5NL

The Micro Madness series looks at hands played at micro limits, exploring micro dynamics and player types. This video continues that trend and looks at some 5NL ($.02/$.05) hands to give some specific advice for that game type. While the concepts are universal, the exact dynamics are more common at very micro games.

The Fisherman (Part 4) (31:56) 50NL

People overlook improving against fish, which can easily result in leaving money on the tables. This video looks at hands where fish were involved and discusses adjusting both preflop and postflop to target these weaker players.  Spots include a fish donk betting in a squeeze pot when we hold QQ on an Axx flop and playing A♥2♥ on a T♥5♣4♥ board OOP.

Huge draw OOP

Ace High Flops (34:17) 50NL

We’ve looked specifically at King high flops in the past, but what about Ace high flops?  Most people default CB their bluffs on these boards but get confused when they have hands like QQ or a weak Ax.  This video aims to increase your confidence when this board type hits and show you how to react with different hand types.


February 2014

Tough Turns (33:59) 100NL

Don’t you just hate when the turn is an overcard, a flush filler, or some other scary card?  This video looks a collection of hands where the turn is exactly one of those awful cards and shows you how to change your plan on a dime.  These spots aren’t always the most common, but knowing how to handle the bad cards will make your life much easier in the longrun.  If you feel your turn play needs some work, you may want to watch this video twice!

Red Line Warrior (Part 2) (31:51) 50NL

This video picks up where the last Red Line Warrior video left off.  We look at more red line situations (so there are no showdowns in this video) to help you understand the red line and improve it.  Some difficult hands are discussed here, such as playing an OESD OOP against a flop raise and this 33 where the turn put up a 4-straight.

33 set on bad turn card

The Fisherman (Part 3) (33:56) 50NL

It’s always helpful to know how to improve your winrate against the weakest players at the table.  The large majority of our winrate actually comes from these players, so any improvements can only help you.  This video looks at a collection of random hands against fish, both aggro and passive fish, to help you win more and eek out that extra value when appropriate.  If you play micro limit poker or small live games, you should pay special attention to this series.

Some Squeeze Spots (34:45) 100NL

This series looks at spots where either Hero squeezed or faced a squeeze.  Knowing how to react in these situations is vital as you move into more aggressive games, but it’s helpful even when you face the rare squeeze in less aggro dynamics.  Hero has to contend these pots with hands ranging from 86s to AA, so you get a wide range of ideas for playing these pots better on your own.

Steal Everything (Part 4) (30:51) 100NL

You try to steal the blinds but end up getting some action…now what?  This series aims to answer that question, among others, to help improve your preflop and postflop games in these spots.  Knowing how to react against a resteal and how to play a weak range postflop is very useful…and even moreso as you try to loosen up your game and break into a LAG strategy.


January 2014

Playing KK (Part 3) (31:52) 50NL

Playing pocket kings preflop is usually quite simple (just raise and 3-bet)…but postflop can be a bit tricky.  In this video we look a bunch of situations with KK, and focus quite a bit on postflop decisions in 3-bet pots.  My favorite hand in this video is one where Hero has KK on a monotone flop without the suit…and then improves to a set on the river when the 4 flush fills.  If you are looking to improve your postflop game with big pairs, consider watching this video twice!

More Multi-Way Pots (Part 2) (30:42) 50NL

Multi-way pots come with their own set of challenges, and this video looks at some interesting spots.    We look at a flush draw OOP, we look at 44 as a gutshot with position, and we also look at a spot with QQ against a passive fish who decides to donk bet big on the river.  If you play live games or micro limit poker games, these MW pots are more common and improvements in them will prove to be very beneficial.

QQ against fish

Micro Madness (Part 5) (34:19) 10NL

This video looks at a variety of 10NL hands varying in hand strengths both preflop and postflop.  There are some single-raised pots, 3bet pots, and interesting spots that can help you improve numerous aspects of your game.  We also use hud stats in this video so you can get a more precise idea on how to adjust and play in some of these hands.  If you are looking to move out of the micros quicker, this video is a must.

Blind Hands (Part 2) (30:59) 100NL

Did you know the blinds are the biggest force on your red line?  You are expected to lose from the blinds, but lessening the lossrate from the blinds is insanely valuable.  This video looks at a collection of hands from the blinds and shows you how to improve your winrate, lessen your losses, and get your winrate under control.  We look at a bunch of random hands including an important concept where we have 66 against a steal and this AK hand that flops top pair in a 3way pot and catches a flush draw on the turn…

AK with flush draw

Ace Queen (Part 4) (32.48) 50NL

AQ is a pretty hand…but it can be very tough to play both preflop and postflop.  Is it closer to AK or AJ?  How far do you want to take single pairs?  Do you want to 3bet it preflop?  This video looks at more AQ spots to give you the confidence to answer those questions and more.  There are some crucial spots here like playing AQ on A667 and facing a check/raise and facing a flop raise with AQ on QJ8…enjoy!


December 2013

Steal Everything (Part 3) (30:38) 100PL

I believe this is the only PL (pot limit) video I’ve done, but the concepts all apply to normal NL as well (you just won’t face any overbets at PL!).  This video looks all at steal situations against different player types, and even uses hud stats so we can discuss hero’s line more precisely.  My favorite hand is one where we steal with K3s from the SB against a 13/10 (at full ring) and the action gets a little spicy on a KJ6-4 board.  We face aggression in each of these hands making this a great video for players that are confused when their opponents turn on the gas.

The Fisherman (Part 2) (31:56) 50NL

Fish present a unique dynamic and this video shows you how to capitalize on it.  We look at 6 hands with varying hand strengths (from a set, to a bluff, to JJ on a King high flop) to expose you to a variety of situations.  To make this video even more powerful we discuss our lines in each hand against passive fish and aggressive fish so you know how to handle both player types.  My favorite hand here is the discussion with JJ in a blind v blind spot against a fish where the board is K73-8-4…this kind of hand confuses many players and the concepts are useful against non-fish as well!

Playing King High Flush

Micro Madness (Part 3) (30:20) 10NL

10NL is a special limit, bridging the gap between the nano-limits (5NL and lower) and levels where you can make some actual money (25NL and above).  Here we go through 4 hands and heavily discuss considerations and line creation to give you a crash course in 10NL strategy.  We look at a squeeze situation, a draw, flopping a big two-pair, and playing a suited connector against an EP open-raise.  The concepts in these videos are crucial, with lots of emphasis on preflop hand selection to ensure we are getting to postflop correctly.  If you are looking to work out the micros quickly, this is a great place to start…

Ace Jack (Part 2) (31:46) 100NL

Ace Jack can be a very tricky hand to play.  This video looks at 5 different AJ hands including an in-depth look of an in-position float against a LAG.  Unlike my INVERSE style videos, I give you the player type of the important villains giving us a starting point when making assumptions.  We also look at some three bet pots, including a resteal situation, to help you improve your strategy in aggressive dynamics!

Playing Top Pair

Low Flops (Part 2) (33:15) 100NL

Low flops, just like their big flop counterparts, create unique dynamics and continuance ranges.  In this video we look at 5 hands where the flops came low and unpaired and hero has to contend them with various hand types.  Hero has everything from overpairs to overcards, and even has an interesting spot with 22 where he decides to bluff-raise the flop with 4th pair.  Knowing how to handle both low flops and high flops is vital to becoming a well-rounded poker player.


November 2013

Ace Queen (Part 3) (32:08) 50NL

AQ can be such a tricky hand to play.  In this video we look at 5 different AQ spots and discuss how to choose the best possible line.  Two of these hands actually look at all-in preflop situations, one where we face a shove from a shorter stacked player and another where we shove ourselves.  The other 3 hands look at top pair and 2 pair situations and heavily discuss value betting and making sure we maximize value and plan ahead.

Low Flops (33:58) 100NL

Knowing how to play various flop textures can greatly benefit your game.  While low flops don’t happen every single hand, they happen enough to warrant serious discussion.  This video looks at hands where all three flop cards are low cards (9 or lower), which are textures that tend to create unique action.  Some of these boards are paired, some of these are 3bet pots, and all of these hands are important.  My favorites hands in this video include an <2 SPR discussion with AA OOP on a low board and another with a huge flush draw facing a check/raise from a likely fish.

Ace King With A Flush Draw

Micro Madness (Part 2) (32:06) 5NL

The second installment of the “Micro Madness” series looks at a collection of hands played at the very smallest of levels.  We look at 6 hands played at $.02/$.05 and discuss hero’s lines and profitable adjustments that he could have made.  Nano limit games offer unique dynamics including fishier players and weaker regs, so knowing how to adjust in these games is incredibly beneficial.  If you are currently playing micro limits and looking to move up quicker, this video can help!

Steal Everything (Part 2) (32:35) 50NL

Stealing the blinds is valuable, but it comes with a price.  Anytime you get action, either facing a 3bet or getting called, you will more than likely have a weak hand!  In this video we look at 6 hands, ranging from AA to A6, and discuss both preflop and postflop situations. We even go a step further and discuss how to handle 3bets with these weaker hands which is vital as you move into higher limits.  Amping up your aggression and stealing more pots can quickly help you win more, so pay special attention to this video.

Aggressive Semi Bluff

Triple Broadway Card Flops (33:32) 100NL

What’s the opposite of a low flop?  Well obviously a flop with 3 broadway (Ten-Ace) cards!  In this video we dissect this texture and look at a variety of hands on these special boards.  These aren’t the most common textures in the world, but knowing how to play low flops and high flops well is of great value.  Hero gets bailed out quite a bit in this video, but we discuss spots like CBing 66 on AQJ in a MW pot, playing KK on JJT versus a TAG, and even playing KK on KQT.  Learn how to handle these special textures perfectly and improve your understanding of ranges and planning.


October 2013

Red Line Warrior (30:01) 100NL

The red line is our non-showdown winnings line and it shows our winrate when hands didn’t reach showdown.  This includes spots where we folded our blinds preflop, but also situations where we CB the flop and villain folded and spots where we peeled the flop and folded to the turn CB.  All of these hands were played at 100NL full ring and didn’t include a showdown (so we never see villain’s hole cards).  We look at a variety of situations including a tricky one where we open JJ from EP, face a 3bet, and then see a Q53 flop.

Steal Everything (32:19) 100NL

Stealing well in poker is vital, and this video looks at a variety of situations where hero stole and got action.  We caught a variety of hand types postflop ranging from draws, to smashing, to flopping two pair and then facing aggression on future streets.  There is also an important hand with Q9 where hero faced a min-3bet preflop that will help you visualize facing these smaller 3bets preflop.

Q9o In Poker

Blind Hands (30:39) 25NL

In the longrun we will be negative from the blinds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve our blind play and lose less.  This random collection of hands looks at limped, single-raised, and even 3bet pots to give a nicely rounded look at hands from the small or big blind.  There is an important hand where hero resteals with AK and catches an 883 flop from the SB and another important spot where we have AJo in the SB against 3 limpers.  You can always benefit by improving your blind play so make sure to pay close attention to this video!

Paired Boards (30:26) 100NL

As the title implies, every board in this video is paired (on one street or another).  We look at a variety of spots from smashing the flop (TT on T44), to draws (QJ on T969), to playing AQ on J22 against a check/raise.  Paired boards can offer a unique dynamic and usually change player’s ranges a bit, so knowing how to play them better is beneficial.  These aren’t the most common textures in the world, but the concepts are universal and will make you a more well-rounded player.

Playing a draw in poker

Micro Madness (Part 1) (31:58) 10NL

This is part 1 of a very long series dedicated to micro-stakes players (10NL and lower) and also the smallest of live games (like $1/$2 and $1/$3).  Micro limit poker offers unique dynamics that aren’t always present in small-mid stakes games and thus it’s important that we examine them and discuss when (and how) to adjust.  In this video we look at a random collection of 10NL hands and discuss hero’s lines including facing a CR with AK on a KTx board and facing a min-donk bet with QQ on J84 rainbow.  You also get the added benefit of knowing the player type of each player in this video (just the player type, not exact hud stats) so you can learn how to analyze spots against specific player types in the future!



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