Duration: 40 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Starting: ASAP

Get a front row seat to my coaching session all about crafting a better strategy on Ace-high flops. See where your opponents go wrong on these boards and how you can make powerful modifications to your playbook to exploit players who approach these boards incorrectly. 

And best yet, this session is 100% free!


Where Both Players Go Wrong On AXY Textures

You’ll see where the aggressor goes astray on these flops, where the defender’s strategy tends to fall apart, and how these mistakes carry over to turn & river play. The good news is that most players make these mistakes and you can apply the same strategies CONSTANTLY in future sessions.

How To Parse GTO vs. Exploitative Approaches

We pull out a GTO solver and take a granular look at AXX from both the bettor’s and caller’s point of view. Then we compare the solver’s answers to exploitative concepts that will help you understand these spots from a holistic point of view. No more floundering between pure theoretical concepts and exploits.

Simple Lessons You Can Apply On Other Textures Too

The concepts explored in this training session prepare you for playing similar boards; like K72 and Q53. You’ll walk away with simple rules and ideas that govern a variety of boards that are both common AND massively impact your overall winrate.

A Coach You Can Trust.

James “SplitSuit” Sweeney has been playing poker since 2004 and coaching players for more than a decade. Over that time, he's worked 1-on-1 with over 500 students to improve their strategy, he's released over 500 videos, wrote numerous books including Unfolding Poker and Optimizing Ace King, and co-founded CORE for Red Chip Poker to create the best poker course (and community) around. 


Is this session live?

I play X, is this for me?

Is there a replay?

I wish! Alas, this is a recorded training session that isn’t available anywhere else. The good news is that means you can review this session whenever you want as a replay is running every 15 minutes. Sweet!

Yes! Whether you play microstakes 6max, SNGs, tournaments, or live cash games - the concepts in this session will apply to you. This is a big-picture/macro look at textures that relates to any venue & limit.

Yup! The entire session is about 40 minutes long, but whether you stay for a few minutes or the entire thing, you’ll get a replay link sent to you within 24-hours. Just keep an eye on your inbox for an email with links & info.

The next session begins in just a few minutes...are you ready to start crushing Ace-high flops?

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