by James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

Even though poker is a vastly complex game, it is not surprising that the same questions come up over and over again. This book takes the most frequently-asked poker questions and gives actionable answers that you can begin using in your next session. 

Concepts include playing overpairs, deviating bet sizes, what to do when your continuation bets stop working, and more. Get answers to the poker questions you have (and ones you haven't even asked yet!)

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19 Actionable Answers

Each answer is in-depth without massive amounts of jargon and confusing concepts.

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Unfolding Poker:

Advanced Answers To The Most Frequently-Asked Poker Questions

Written by James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

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Poker books tend to be too long and require a large time investment to finish them. This book breaks that mold. Open up to any chapter that interests you that day, read it quickly, and put it to use in your next session. Get clear and actionable answers to the questions that impact your winrate today.

About The Author

James Sweeney, aka SplitSuit, has been playing poker for over a decade and coaching players for more than 8 years. Over that time he's worked 1-on-1 with over 500 students to improve their strategy, he's released over 500 videos, wrote the best-selling book Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics and co-founded Red Chip Poker to create the best poker community around.

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