This complete video series that takes the epic book "Poker’s 1%" and brings it to life. See the math behind the game and spot every place where your opponents are leaving heaps of chips on the table - and then capitalize by fighting more, folding less, and choosing more intelligent ranges with a true system for success.

Is This Course For You?

Are you part of the 99% that could benefit from the 1%?

Everything discussed in this course applies to cash game players of any limit, at any venue, regardless of the number of players dealt in. That means live $1/$2 players, 50NL 6max players, and 200NL HU players. All of the examples are from live cash games ($1/$2 and $2/$5), but the overarching concepts are universal since the no-limit poker math is consistent throughout.

Players looking to move up, and thus going to war with a larger density of strong opponents, will get extra value from this series as protecting your own frequencies becomes a primary concern against strong players.

Truth be told, if I had to learn poker from scratch today, this would be the first course I turn to. A frequency-first approach builds the proper foundation for a correct strategy. Once you have this down, layering in tells & hand reading allows you to optimize and exploit with further precision. But frequencies come first - as you’ll soon find out.

What's Included?

A balanced course to help you balance your strategy...


The Complete 11-part Video Series

This video series takes a deep-dive into what separates the high-stakes grinders from the $1/$2 tryhards. The entire series contains over 6 hours of 1080p video that you can immediately download and begin using.


Extra Exercises & Answer Keys

Theory is useless without some guided practice. These exercises guide you through 3bets, CBs, and barrels to build your frequency intuition. Each exercise also comes with answers and extra strategic commentary.


Customized Breakdown Of YOUR Hands

Upgrade to the PURE Edition, send in any two hands you’ve played, and you’ll receive a fully customized breakdown of ranges you should use on each street. Stop letting that one awful hand drive you nuts, and get the exact answer you need.

What Are Other One Percenters Saying?

"This course has been one of the most defining experiences in my 7 years of ongoing poker education. This is a must if you want to be the first red corpuscle on the tip of the strategic spear of poker. James Sweeney will challenge you to question your own game and take you to a new level of cognition."

Robert S. (Live Poker Player)

See the opinion of other players who took the course...

TopPokerValue.com ranks The One Percent course #1 on their list of the best online poker courses for NLHE.

Which Version Is Right For You?

The One Percent (Basic Edition)

The Complete 11 Video Series Over 6 hours of HD content guiding you through ranges, frequencies, and a complete strategy that you can begin using in your next session.
My Custom 70% Spreadsheet Save tons of time & energy by using this spreadsheet to automatically figure out how many combos you should bet, call, and the proper ratio of value-to-bluffs.
Exercises & Answer Keys Bridge the gap between theory and practice by completing these exercises at your own pace. Also get answers & additional strategic commentary.

The One Percent (PURE Edition)

Everything in the Basic Edition
5 Extra Hand BreakdownsGet Doug Hull’s popular RCP series “Constructing Ranges” where he puts the 70% model to work in these 5 real-life hands.
Get Two Of Your Hands Professionally Broken DownSend in any 2 hands you've played and get a complete 70% breakdown showing you exactly what your ranges & frequencies should look like every step of the way.
*BONUS* Unfolding PokerRecieve the ebook + audiobook versions of my popular book Unfolding Poker and get answers to the questions that most students have.
*BONUS* My Private Unfolding Poker Q&AIn this 90-minute coaching session, I rapid-fire answer a bunch of questions students had about a variety of topics.
*BONUS* Playing vs Unknowns WebinarThis 2+ hour-long webinar gives you strategic advice for playing against players you have zero information on and clear ways to figure out their play style even quicker.

The 11 videos from this series are included in the PRO Membership ($50/month) on Red Chip Poker. Buying either of these versions here grants you downloadable versions of everything, the 70% Spreadsheet, the exercises, and all other listed bonuses.

About The Author

Who made this course?

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

James is a renowned poker coach & author known for his best-selling book Dynamic Full Ring Poker and his complete course The Hand Reading Lab. On top of playing & coaching, James also co-founded the popular training site Red Chip Poker and was the original host, now a frequent guest, of the same-named podcast. 

The original book that this course is based off, Poker's 1%, was written by Ed Miller. With Miller's permission, James distilled the book into powerful videos and injected tons of strategic additions to make the concepts more graspable and usable. You do not need to own, nor have read, Poker's 1% to get the maximum value from this course.

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