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Poker seems simple, but making serious money from it is tough. My goal is to help you play better poker right away and become a tough opponent at any table. I’ve worked with 500+ students, made tons of videos and released multiple best-selling books, and if you’re prepared to put in some hard work, I’ll be right there alongside you.

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Losing poker players can be easily identified by the 5 actions we discuss in this video. These behaviors, including their fishy thought processes and lack of a comprehensive poker strategy, all but guarantee that they won’t be successful in the long run. If you’re making any of these errors, I highly suggest watching until the end.

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Free Poker Spreadsheets

Poker contains a lot of repetitive math, especially when studying poker hands away from the table. While you can use software to do a lot of this math, sometimes a good ‘ol fashioned spreadsheet is the best way to visualize and play with the numbers. So to save you a tremendous amount …

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Poker Strategy Math You 100% Need To Know

Poker combines skill and strategy with elements of probability, psychology, and game theory. To become a successful player, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the poker strategy math concepts that underpin the game. Poker math is a set of principles and techniques that use mathematical concepts to help you …

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GTO Polarized Ranges Made Easy

In the game of chess, expert players spend a considerable amount of time studying the final stages of the game, known as the endgame. By understanding which endgame board positions are favorable, they can make decisions in the earlier stages of the game that slowly lead them toward a winning endgame position. …

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Learning Poker: 6 Things To Learn First

When I started learning poker, the entire space was different. We didn’t have solvers or many great training materials, and most of the books out there were garbage. But times have changed, and there are plenty of resources available to help you improve your game. That said, it can still be overwhelming …

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The Truth: Poker Is Gambling Still

Yes, poker is gambling.  Though if that was the entire answer, this article would end here.  Instead, a better answer is “Yes, poker is gambling – but not in the way you might think.” Let’s dive into gambling, poker, common objections, addiction, and more. Push play, and/or continue reading to get started. …

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Beating Capped River Ranges

It’s actually quite common to find spots where your opponent has a capped range on the river. But most players are totally oblivious to this. So let’s review a spot where villain is clearly capped on the river and our busted flush draw ends up catching a bit of showdown value. Push …

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Do You Need Some Poker Tools?

Download the collection of my best poker spreadsheets. This is a name-your-own-price download so you can get them for free by entering $0. Or, throw a few chips my way and I’ll send you over $200 in discounts AND one of my PRO videos. Your call!

Who Is SplitSuit?

Welcome to! My name is James Sweeney (although I go by SplitSuit and *Split* just the same) and I’ve been playing poker since 2004 and coaching poker since 2008. Over that time I’ve primarily played online full ring cash games (up to 200NL) and live cash games ($1/$2-$5/$10), but I’ve also played 6max, MTTs, some SNGs, and even PLO8.

I created this site back in 2008, and while the style has certainly changed many times over, the concept is still the same. To share poker strategy, centralize cash game poker material, and be one of the best poker sites to help players all over the world. While you can find a million sites online for casino reviews, ratings, opinions, games, and bonuses – all you will find here are in-depth strategy videos, guides, and products to help take your game to the next level.

Over the last 12 years, I created more than 500 poker videos, coached over 500 students, and even wrote a best-selling full ring poker book focused on gambling and winning online…so it’s been busy to say the least. With that said, take some time to explore the site, watch a free poker video, and maybe check out one of my courses. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, otherwise good luck and happy grinding!

Want even more details? Read the complete about me page.

My Favorite Poker Guides

Poker Folds Correctly


Honestly, most players fold way too often. I break down where players go wrong with folding, show you some examples, and help you become less nitty without being fishy.

Small Ball Poker Strategy


Even though small ball is a popular playstyle, there are many inherent issues with this strategic approach. Let’s analyze the good, bad, and ugly of this style together.

Should You Balance Poker


While many coaches and players are focused on trying to emulate GTO solvers, I think striving for balance will massively harm your winrate. Let me explain exactly why.


Start studying my best courses like The Hand Reading Lab and The One Percent to start seeing the game from a technical perspective. Take a FREE one-week trial today to get immediate access to over $2,000 in training, homework & answers, and my private Discord server. Study as much as you want, cancel whenever you’ve finished, and make 2023 your best poker year yet.

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