Work On The Skills That Kill Luck At The Final Table

You have been playing well for hours and finally end up at the final table - and with big money up top it's time to focus. All of your off-table work is going to pay off in a big way as you apply pressure in all of the right spots.

This is the workbook you do between sessions to ensure you get the most from every final table you make. Get to it...

What's Inside This Workbook?

YOUR Range Exercises

The average poker player has never fully-explored their own ranges. By dissecting your ranges in a variety of spots you will be able to spot your leaks and issues with ease. Use this first section to find situations where you fold too often, barrel too rarely, and miss +EV opportunities that actually set yourself to ship events...

THEIR Range Exercises

The bulk of this workbook guides you through understanding and exploring your opponent's range. With guiding questions, expanded builds for common scenarios, and a layout that helps you navigate the technical aspects of hand reading - you will feel like a coach is working alongside you through each exercise.

Range-vs-Range Exercises

These exercises are the toughest ones in the book (and can easily take 1-2 hours to complete a single one). But each exercise will guide you through exploring range advantage in both single-raised and 3bet pots. Begin to develop a pro-level feel for who benefits most from various textures, future cards, and use that info to optimize your own ranges.

What Are Other Players Saying?

This is what players like you think about the workbooks

Ryan M.


Live Poker Player

Poker Player

"I finally wrapped my head around the workbook and it has absolutely changed my poker mind for the better...Perfect tool at the perfect time for me."

"The more I do this book, the more comfortable I feel at [the] tables or online, strictly because I feel as though my 'vision' is getting better."

Which Version Is Right For You?

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  • Full-Color eBook
  • Full-Color eBook
  • 6 Month License For HoldemResources
  • Lifetime License For Flopzilla
  • SplitSuit's Custom Flopzilla Range Presets
  • Full-Color eBook
  • Flopzilla + HRC
  • 8 Answers & Coaching Video Series From Co-Author Ben Hayles
  • SplitSuit's 'Pure Hand Reading' Webinar
  • And more...



Flopzilla is the go-to software when it comes to building and exploring ranges. This intuitive software allows you to save ranges for quick usage later, export range strings in 2 clicks, and truly understand hand-vs-range and range-vs-range situations.

Holdem Resources (aka HRC), allows you to do complex ICM calculations in mere seconds. Analyze situations from the workbook, explore ICM and suggested ranges in a variety of spots, and even import entire tournaments that you've played. This is a game-changer.

regular life-time price

regular 6mo price



How Do Your Answers Compare?

The TITAN EDITION comes with everything you need to succeed. Along with the book and software - you also receive life-time access to Ben Hayles 8 video training series where he guides you through select hands from the workbook. He shares his answers, process, and expanded thoughts to keep you on the right track.

You get:

  • The full-color ebook ($69.99 value)
  • Lifetime license for Flopzilla ($25 value)
  • 6 month license for Holdem Resources ($48 value)
  • 8 video training series from Ben Hayles ($500 value)





SplitSuit's "Pure Hand Reading" Webinar ($60 value)

Hayles "How To Perfectly Adjust Your PF Ranges" Webinar ($75 value)

SplitSuit's Flopzilla Range presets ($40 value)

That is over $800 in training for less than half! Heck, if this workbook only helps you move up just ONE PAYJUMP it pays for itself.


Answers to common questions

Is there an answer key?

Is this for my buy-in level?

No. It would be impossible for us to suggest river ranges when we do not know what you assigned preflop. Even though an answer key is impossible for a workbook of this magnitude, you can get range answers from:

  • The workbook's forum (link is in the book)
  • The videos included in the TITAN EDITION

This workbook has hands from MTTs spanning $11 online buy-ins to $2,000 live buy-ins. That being said, every exercise is applicable for your tournaments since stack sizes are in big blinds and you can use any of our alternative payout structures available via a free download.

Why just the final table?

I'm new to hand reading...

Each stage of a tournament has unique considerations. Rather than mixing early stage hands (where payouts are hours away) with late stage hands - we made an executive decision to make this book solely about the final table. 

This workbook is for new and veteran hand readers alike. You can only build and expand your hand reading skills by doing the right kind of practice. Each exercise in this book is the type of study and exploration you need to be doing.

Meet The Authors

Who wrote this workbook?



Best known for his YouTube series and the popular book "Dynamic Full Ring Poker", James has been helping players improve their game since 2007. After working with 500+ students James began building high-end workbooks so students could streamline their study process. James is also a co-founder of the popular training site Red Chip Poker.

Ben has been successfully grinding as an online poker pro for more than 15 years. He is a professional poker coach, specializing in No Limit Hold'em MTTs and SNGs. He has authored two other books that focus on postflop play using a unique mixture of database-driven analysis and in-depth strategy to help you see the game in a new way.

Still Not Sure?

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Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to start studying the most important aspects of tournament final tables, grab your copy of the workbook today. You already know studying is important, and now you can use this workbook as your go-to study resource for months to come. Put in the work and see how much STRONGER your final table decisions become.

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