The ultimate way to study GTO and exploitative poker at your own pace

Practicing poker between sessions has never been easier. Stop fumbling around trying to figure out which concept to study next, or which solve to explore, or which calculations are worth doing. This workbook lays out the actual study it takes to learn and use advanced concepts quicker.

Strengthen your technical knowledge of everything from ranges to 3betting to big all-in bluffs.

Start working on the material required to create and stabilize an advanced skill set in today’s games. 

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218 Pages

95MB Size

Full-Color Book

What Is Included With The Advanced Workbook?


advanced exercises in a simple format


be confident that you scored 100% on everything


everything from 3betting to floating to river play


follow along with the exact solves from the book

Successful Study

You already put in study time but still feel like there’s something missing. The latest books seem too basic, but the real top-tier training isn’t quite making sense yet. This workbook is the perfect way to fill that gap as you work through heaps of representative exercises. 

Use The Advanced Poker Workbook to study the correct concepts, the correct way, and make more correct decisions in every session.

Includes Formulas
Learn Once, Use Forever

GTO & Exploitative

Modern poker requires knowledge of both game theory optimal (GTO) and exploitative strategies. But trying to memorize endless solves simply will not work (nor will totally ignoring the power of solvers!) 

This workbook leverages GTO ranges, solver output, and compares exploitative lines in the same spots to help you identify patterns and optimize a variety of plays. Both preflop and postflop, for both cash and MTT hands.

Copy/Paste Ranges

Pairs Perfectly With Powerful Apps

Advanced practice requires advanced tools. This workbook can be mostly completed with Flopzilla Pro. GTO+ is used for some questions in the workbook, and is highly recommended for modern study.

Ebook + Apps

Bundle the ebook with the necessary apps


Complete ebook

Answer key

Companion course

Flopzilla Pro license

GTO+ license

GTO+ training course


Ebook Only

Buy this if you already own Flopzilla Pro and GTO+


Complete ebook

Answer key

Companion course

Flopzilla Pro license

GTO+ license

GTO+ training course

Grab your workbook today.

Pick up your copy of The Advanced Poker Workbook to start building and refining your strategy immediately.

Since this is an advanced workbook, you will need some advanced tools. Flopzilla Pro* is required to complete this workbook, and GTO+* is required for a small selection of questions. 

*These tools only work on Windows computers. They will not run on Mac, iOS, nor Android.

Love the feel of a good 'ol fashioned paperback book? Grab the paperback via Amazon.

About The Author


James Sweeney is a best-selling author and co-founder of Red Chip Poker. He has worked with over 500 students 1-on-1, created The Hand Reading Lab and The One Percent courses, and continues to produce training material that helps players process and play poker at a deeper level.


Common questions.

Do I need a solver to complete this workbook?

To complete every single question in the workbook, yes, you will need to use GTO+. However, you can easily complete 98% of the material just using Flopzilla Pro and some free poker spreadsheets.

Where did the GTO ranges come from?

All GTO ranges used in this workbook come from the various solves included in The GTO Ranges App by Red Chip Poker. Primarily from the 6max 100bb solve, the 40bb MTT solve, the 60bb MTT solve, and the Live rGTO solve.

What if I need help?

Included with any version of the workbook is a complete companion course where I walk you through an example from each chapter so you know exactly what to do.





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