Poker contains a lot of repetitive math, especially when studying poker hands away from the table. While you can use software to do a lot of this math, sometimes a good ‘ol fashioned spreadsheet is the best way to visualize and play with the numbers. So to save you a tremendous amount of time, I put together this pack of my spreadsheets that you are free to use while exploring spots!

This is a name-your-own price download, so if money is super-tight, you can enter $0 and get it for free. But if you throw a few chips my way, not only would I massively appreciate it, but I’ll also give you a free PRO video AND over $200 in discounts. No pressure either way – I just wanted you to know your options 😃

To be sure that you are on the right track using these sheets, and putting the right numbers into the right cells, I put together this list of free poker videos where I show how to use each one. Enjoy!

All-In EV Spreadsheet

This is my most popular spreadsheet that breaks down the EV of spots where you commit (either by calling or shoving).

Multiway All-In EV Spreadsheet

Looking for the EV when the pot could go multi-way after you commit? Look no further than this complex sheet.

Basic EV Spreadsheet

A very simple EV calculator that requires three numbers: how often you expect to win (usually your equity %), the upside of winning, and the downside of losing. Pretty simple!

Compare Basic EVs Spreadsheet

Very similar to the basic EV spreadsheet, but this time you can run multiple EV calculations at once and compare them side-by-side. This is especially useful for comparing a few bet sizing options.

Breakeven % Spreadsheet

The breakeven percentage is something you have to memorize. Use this spreadsheet to quickly calculate (and even quiz) the breakeven percentage of a bet or raise.

River Bet vs. Check Spreadsheet

Your opponent checks to you on the river, and you have the option to fire or check behind. This spreadsheet allows you to compare the EV of both options to help you visualize the most profitable approach with your hand!

Squeezing Spreadsheet

This dashboard allows you to see the BE% of your actual squeeze size, related sizes, and to estimate how often your opponent(s) will collectively fold – allowing you to find extra +EV squeezes.

Multiple Folders Spreadsheet

A simple sheet where you enter in the estimated folding frequency for each player involved, and you see how often you can expect folds from ALL of them.

This is great when stealing from the HJ, CO, and BTN – and also for running multi-way bluffs.

Outright Bluffing EV Spreadsheet

See the EV of an outright bluff by just adding a few numbers. This shows you the long-form math (while also doing it for you) and is a great way to quiz yourself when comparing breakeven-%, EV, and commonly used bluff sizes.

Pot Odds Spreadsheet

Pot odds are one of the most fundamental concepts that every player needs to understand. This tool gives you the pot odds AND equity requirement given the size of your opponent’s bet or raise.

I also have a free web-based version of the pot odds calculator here.

Implied Odds Spreadsheet

Implied odds help you gauge how much extra money you need to make later in a hand to justify calling now with incorrect pot odds. This tool requires just a few numbers and is the starting point of playing weaker drawing hands more profitably.

You can play with a simpler web-based version of the free implied odds tool here.

As a reminder, these are all tools that you use AWAY from the table and never while playing a real session. The more you work with these spreadsheets, the easier it becomes to understand the output and translate that into a strategic adjustment. And the more you do that, the easier it is to closely estimate the math at the table.

It may seem daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of them quickly!


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