April 14 – No Complaints

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2 more days and then it is bounce time. Work has been dwindling down, and I have been getting some more time to get just relax. In that time I have been cranking through the first and second season of Arrested Development. I have also been getting out and getting some disc golf in every day, and although I am way off my game, I am still enjoying being outside. I have also been framing some more chapters for my book. As it stands it is about 18 chapters, although I put a crapton of things in certain chapters (like the CB-ing section has everything from textures to facing CBs to polarized CBing, etc). I am enjoying the process thus far, and hope to have most of the book, if not all of it, done by the time I get back from vacation.
I am incredibly tired due to waking up fairly early the last few days for early students. I am going to crash out in a few minutes but wanted to leave a playlist for today. This is a mix of some music I have been listening to more recently while chilling. If you don’t like soft indie music, this will probably not be for you.

Hope all is well!


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