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Do You Hate Ace King?

Truth be told, most players dislike AK. It’s a tricky hand to play, it misses the flop a ton of the time, and even when it does hit – it can be tough to know how big you should make the pot. And don’t even get me started about missing in 3bet pots!

That’s why I teamed up with Adam Jones to co-write Optimizing Ace King. This book looks at your entire strategy through the lens of a single hand: AK. We show you how to play hits, how to play misses, how to play gutshots, how to barrel, and how to handle aggression. After reading OAK, you’ll be back to loving AK and feeling more confident in every decision you make.


The One Percent Course

What separates decent players from great players? Beyond work ethic and confidence, great players have a tremendous grasp on the frequencies that govern this game. The One Percent teaches you a frequency-first strategy that bridges GTO concepts with a strategy you can actually use at the table.

The Complete Hand Reading Course

“The Hand Reading Lab” is a complete course with one single goal: to make you a hand reading ninja. To become a top-tier player you need to know how to put your opponent on a correct range of hands at all times – and you’ll learn exactly how to do that with this course.

New Poker Book

You Have Questions. Here Are Your Answers.

Unfolding Poker: Advanced Answers To The Most Frequently-Asked Poker Questions takes questions ranging from “how can I use my table image to my advantage?” to “what should I do when my continuation bets stop working?” and gives you actionable answers that you can use in your next session.

Unfolding Poker is a quick read that allows you to open up to any chapter and get an answer you can immediately use. If you have some poker questions, this book has your answers.

The Best Full Ring Poker Book

If you play full ring poker (with 9-10 players), this is the book for you. “Dynamic Full Ring Poker” is a comprehensive book that straddles the line between college-level textbook and strategy guide. With over 300 pages and tons of examples to hammer down each concept, you can’t get a better full ring education than this!

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