The Cash Game Crash Course

Cash game players are the unsung heroes of the poker world. There are no bracelets, no rings, no glory – just the grind of a consistent winrate. And wasting time learning strategy that doesn’t apply to your games is capping your hourly.

Don’t spend another minute hoping to find valuable advice from the YouTube algo. Enroll in The Cash Game Crash Course today and get your next study sessions stacked up with cash game-specific lessons. Each lesson improves your skill set so you can find extra edges preflop and bigger bluffs postflop. Are you ready?

What’s Included?

A 15+ Lesson Course

Stop scrolling through YouTube hoping to stumble upon great poker strategy videos. This course is full of hand-picked training and organized in a way you can actually use at the tables.

Preflop Strategy

Get videos focused on preflop play to ensure you are entering pots correctly (and with the right ranges). These videos ramp up from beginner to advanced to give you an excellent foundation.

Postflop Techniques

The largest number of videos in this course focus on postflop play. Learn the big ideas and see real examples with in-depth hand reviews. Perfect for both online and live cash game players.

Community Access

Join one of the largest strategy Discord servers full of players who love the game as much as you do. Ask questions if you aren’t sure about a concept and get advice on hands you played.

Unlock Bonus Content

One Pair Hands (PRO Video)

This PRO video analyzes a variety of single-pair hands one of my students played. All hands are from a live $2/$5 session and give you in-depth advice when flopping one-pair hands (ranging from bottom to top pair).

Normally $49

1 Month Of Full App Access

Get full-access to The GTO Ranges App from Red Chip Poker and unlock your entire preflop strategy. Review both exploitative and GTO complete range sets for 6max online, full ring online, and even live cash games.

Normally $12.99

Get Instant-Access Now

Join today and see what all of the best players in your games are doing. Improve your preflop strategy, expand your postflop playbook, and craft an actual strategy you will use for years. Complete just one lesson per day and see real improvement over the next month.

Who Is This Coach?

If this is the first time we’re meeting – welcome! My name is James Sweeney, although I’m better known as “SplitSuit” in the poker world. I began playing poker back in 2004 during the Moneymaker boom and have played everything from $5/$10 online cash games to PLO to $10/$25 live. Over the years, I’ve worked with 500+ students, amassed over 10M YouTube views, written a bunch of best-selling poker books, and endlessly strive to provide as much value as possible. Poker is one of the few games where all learned skills can not only make you money on the felt, but also apply to real-life decision making. And I think that’s a pursuit worth learning, teaching, and applying well.

Current subscribers

Can’t Justify Spending $7 Today?

No problem. At the very least, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and get a feel for my content. I’ve released hundreds of videos and plan to continue creating new content.

For what it’s worth, my courses typically cost $199+, but I also want to support players that are still growing their bankroll. If that’s you, you won’t find a better value for just $7!

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