Las Vegas Live Poker Coaching 2022

One of the toughest things for live poker players is getting coaching. Online players can easily track their play with their database and they can have a coach watch their screen while they play. This allows the student and coach to work together seamlessly both during and between sessions.

Live players don’t have that luxury. Live play isn’t tracked, hands are not automatically stored, and having a coach watch you play live is pretty much impossible. But I’m all about finding solutions to difficult poker problems – and this is no exception!

If you play live ($1/$2-$5/$10) and are in the US – I’d like to invite you to sign up for a live coaching session. My live coach sessions are a unique experience for live players – giving you the chance to get your play critiqued, get an objective analysis of your game, and get answers to the questions you have.

Live Poker Coach

So what do these sessions look like?

» You pick the cash game (anything from $1/$2 up to $5/$10) and room – and we’ll play at the same table* for 3 hours.

» During those 3 hours I will be paying special attention to your game, hands you play, spots you are likely missing, and detailing leaks I find along the way.

» We’ll then do a 30-60 minute sit-down afterward and discuss your play, compare notes, and discuss strategic tweaks that will positively impact your game.

This can be an intense session – but it’s the best way to get real feedback on your live play. If nothing else, there is a tremendous value to having an objective pair of eyes on your game and to have a coach who knows what to look for analyzing what your game is missing…

These sessions offer an insane ROI potential, as even if I somehow manage to only find 2 leaks in your game, fixing those leaks will almost certainly cover the cost of coaching in your first few months of playing. And don’t worry – it’s rare that I ever only find a couple of leaks for a student 🙂

Questions & availability: email me (james -at-

If you’re ready to lock up your session, you can do so here:

* A few clarifications about us playing at the same table:

  1. I will be playing just as hard against you as I do any other player – and you will do the same against me
  2. Neither of us will show each other our cards during the session, even if we sit right next to each other
  3. I cannot and will not offer real-time advice
  4. You are also responsible for writing down hands of interest and spots you have questions about
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