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NOTE: My current schedule is too busy to take on new LeakFinder students. But the good news is that I’ve created some videos that will help you find your own leaks using your database and even the leaks of your opponents! This is a huge discount compared to my normal LeakFinder rates and gives you the tools to do this kind of exploration regularly as you play more and more hands. If you aren’t already doing this kind of exploration, I heavily suggest picking up PokerTracker 4 and then using this pack of videos:

What Is A LeakFinder?

LeakFinder is a 1-on-1 coaching package that is broken into three parts:

  1. A written database analysis
  2. A 1 hour Hand History Review
  3. A SplitSuit poker video (this excludes any series/package)

The DB analysis can be done in one of two ways. Either I can go through your DB with you (using Mikogo and Skype), or you can send me your DB and I can give you a written review. Our goal is to find statistical leaks in your DB, which are usually very easy for a trained eye to see. In the past, I have been able to find entire bankrolls worth of leaks in a player’s database, and pride myself on being able to pinpoint problem areas. Remember, any leak that gets closed (even something like a -.20BB/100) can add up in a big way!

Poker Leak Finding Service

After the DB analysis we will do a one hour hand history (HH) review. This gives the student a chance to get their hands looked at, and fix up fundamental leaks. Often times detailed leaks, such as bet sizing or action frequency, show up in these HH reviews as well. Overall, the HH review gives students a real chance at getting the most “bang for their buck,” and more leaks patched up versus a sweat session.

And finally, the student may pick any one of my poker training videos (excluding any series/package). These videos range from facing preflop 3bets, to bluffing, to hand reading, and are great resources of information that can be viewed over and over again.

Overall, the LF is one of the best packages I offer. Here is the price breakdown*:

LeakFinder Cost

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The price is for all 3 parts combined. And here are some things that people who have taken LF said:

“I purchased the leakfinder package last week. …I wish I would have done this six months ago. It was a real eye-opener for me when we started running the filters he had setup. I had a 75k hand sample from $50nl and he found over $1,000 in leaks(that’s over 1.3 ptbb/100!) It was a lot of little things but he identified them quickly and explained why they were wrong and what I needed to change and his explanations made sense. It was also easy to see that these were leaks considering the big ugly red numbers with -$ sitting in front of them.

Split was also very professional. He was ready a few minutes early and we launched right into it. We covered a lot of stuff over the hour but it never felt rushed. He’s a good teacher and he knows his ****. I can’t wait for the sweat session portion of the package and I am definitely interested in receiving more coaching after my leakfinder package is complete.


“I had my first LeakFinder session and I have to say I was very pleased

For anyone who is considering coaching I would definitely recommend Split.. very professional as well as knowledgeable. He’s got a great knack for finding leaks in poker player’s game.


“I recently received a coaching session from James and it was by and far the best experience i have had. We started off with some theory talk and HH review then did a quick and sweet sweat. He was able to point out a lot of little leaks I had in my game and concisely explain to me why it was a leak and how to fix it. But what I liked best is his approach to teaching. He didn’t just tell me why it sucked, but asked me questions so that I could think about it deeper myself. It’s not really learning unless you think you thought of it yourself (if that makes any sense).
James is very approachable and friendly which are important qualities in a coach for me. I felt comfortable asking questions and his responses were firm and knowledgeable.

I recommend James as a coach if you need someone to tune up your game, leakfind, or just plain teach you how to beat poker.

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If you are looking to get started as soon as possible, just fill out the application and put “LeakFinder Application” in the title. I look forward to working with you!

Only one LeakFinder per student per price point

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