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The One Percent Course

How often should you continue barreling on a brick? Which hands should you continue with against a preflop 3bet? What should your CB range look like OOP on a dry flop?

Answering these questions well is the difference between bad regs and crushers. The One Percent gives you clear rules you can use, a framework for playing a frequency-first strategy, and the 10,000-foot gameplan that your opponents cannot beat.

Poker Hand Breakdown
Poker Range Building Course

My Biggest Course…

“The Hand Reading Lab” is a complete course with one single goal: to make you a hand reading ninja. To become a top-tier player you need to know how to put your opponent on a correct range of hands at all times – and you’ll learn exactly how to do that with this course.


I am a co-founder of the training site Red Chip Poker – where we make a TON of high-quality content. This includes articles, a podcast, a forum, and access to the best poker training program ever created. If you are ready to upgrade your poker game – start with Red Chip today!

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