Poker courses are expensive and training sites are too disorganized. But what if I told you that I took my most expensive courses, added a cohesive structure to them, and made them available to you at a fraction of the price? That’s exactly what THE VAULT is. Get the training you expect, on the topics that matter most, to develop a serious edge during and between poker sessions.

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With over 90 lessons ordered so that you know exactly what to study next


Ask questions, post hands, and learn with other like-minded poker players


Optional exercises to test crucial skills between sessions


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Complete courses from any device, at any time, and at your own pace


Every course, module, and lesson builds your skillset across the three most important metrics: hand reading, mental game, & strategic implementation. Tackle each course at your own pace and study lessons with an intuitive UI that allows you to view everything from any device. With 24/7 streaming access, you can access THE VAULT at any time and save hours by following the outlined structure.


It can get expensive learning something new and trying it out for the first time at the tables. So to help you bridge the gap between theory and practice, there is homework for you to do between sessions. These optional exercises test your hand reading skills, technical knowledge, range construction, and more. Plus, there are answer keys and the Discord channel to ensure you get everything correct.


The Hand Reading Lab

My most popular course breaks down hand reading and range building skills in a systematic way. You’ll learn how to build ranges, how to understand the way your opponents construct their own, and how you can apply these concepts at the table. While the specific examples in this course are all from live cash games, the overarching framework applies to any venue (live & online, cash & tournaments)

The One Percent

This course brings Ed Miller’s best-selling book Poker’s 1% to life. By understanding GTO principles and extrapolating upon their strategic ramifications, you’ll walk away knowing how to identify and exploit weaknesses in your opponent’s strategy. Plus, you’ll learn how to protect your own ranges and implement proper balance utilizing rules, ratios, and powerful modifiers.

The Mental Advantage

Beyond strategy, your mental game is the final frontier of growth and development. So I brought along Dr. Cardner to discuss the theory and practice in personal and sport’s psychology that you can begin implementing immediately. Concepts include completely removing tilt, developing expertise, increasing on and off table discipline, and more. Let your mindset be an asset instead of a liability.

Live Workbook Course

The Live Poker Workbook (Video Series Only)

Originally named The Masterclass Edition, you’ll see my answers and processes for a cross-section of $1/$2 and $2/$5 live cash game hands, along with replays of group coaching sessions where I coached students through even more hands. These videos focus on the hand reading process using workbook exercises to frame the discussion. Examples include live-specific bet sizes & multi-way pots.

6max Workbook Course

The 6max Workbook (Video Series Only)

Playing online cash games comes with the added benefit of using a HUD, and this workbook helps you put stats and ranges together. Originally called The Power Pack Edition, you’ll see how multiple shorthanded- specialists craft their own ranges, and their opponent’s, in a variety of examples directly from the workbook. With many coaches comes a more well-rounded viewpoint of these exercises.

Tournament Workbook Course

The Tournament Workbook (Video Series Only)

Focused specifically on the final tables of tournaments, this course guides you through range building and the technical skills involved in tournament decisions. Originally called The Titan Edition, I brought along tournament-specialist Ben Hayles to showcase his ranges, process, and utilization of MTT software for a number of exercises from the workbook. Whether you play a ton, or just a few, tournaments per year – these exercises are worth their weight in gold.

Poker Coaching Course

Coaching Sessions

Over the years, I’ve hosted a number of high-value webinars, ran private and public Q&A sessions, and created training sessions that don’t quite fit into any of the other courses. So I put this together as a catch-all for coaching sessions and replays that can help you fill in knowledge gaps. Concepts include bluffing, adjusting your preflop tournament ranges, playing vs. unknowns, and more.


I finished The Hand Reading Lab and it helped me a lot. This was exactly what I’ve been searching for. I read books about this stuff but it never really sank in. With these videos, it was much easier and The Lab explains it in a very good and simple way.

Roman L.

I finally wrapped my head around the [Live Poker] Workbook and it has absolutely changed my poker mind for the better. It has got to the point where I like going over hands and studying as much as playing poker now.

Ryan M.

The 6max Power Pack has been very helpful to me. So far I have only gone through hand#17, but my thought process has been logical, and I have found more opportunities to bluff and thin value bet. I use the same method to go through my own hands as well. You certainly have made my poker game more fun!

Wenda X.

Outstanding! The Hand Reading Lab provided the framework that I needed to properly evaluate my play and to study and prepare for future play. There has been a manifest improvement to my game.

Mark B.

When I started the [One Percent] course, I had been a break-even player for the previous 4 months. In the month since I completed it, I have 5x’d my bankroll. More important for the long term, I have a plan for every hand I play, and I have improved my ability to identify flaws in the play of my opponents.

Eric W.

I really like how the [Tournament Workbook] set up situations for me to work out so I can learn to think in ranges more effectively. Solid 10/10.

Tom C.


Enter THE VAULT and see for yourself how the right structure with the right support can improve your winrate. Enroll now, and prepare to make 2024 your most successful poker year!

unlimited streaming access • cancel anytime

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