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The right poker software can quickly help you find answers to your questions. The tool that I use the most often is Flopzilla (Windows-only). I use this tool to explore hands, ranges, how things hit vs. miss flops, and to craft actual lines that are backed by data.

I’ve put together a SplitSuit Edition of Flopzilla for you that bundles together a lifetime license for two of your Windows computers, my custom Flopzilla ranges, and two of my RCP PRO videos that show you how to use Flopzilla to craft strategic adjustments on specific textures. All of this is normally $125, but you can grab it for just $49 today. This software is the perfect off-table tool for understanding poker at a more technical level and making decisions based on data instead of pure feeling.


The GTO+ solver, made by the same team that makes Flopzilla Pro, is the best bang-for-your-buck solver on the market. You can leverage your own computer’s power for everything from basic to complex postflop solving for a one-time price.

But if you are new to solvers, the idea of setting up a game tree or analyzing the output can be daunting. So we’ve packaged a lifetime license for the software together with a complete course so you walk away knowing exactly how to use the key features of GTO+.

Grab The GTO+ Bundle today and start seeing modern poker one solve at a time.

(Or, grab both GTO+ and Flopzilla Pro together with the new Advanced Poker Workbook)

For years I’ve exclusively used PokerTracker 4, and as such suggest that you do too! This software is incredibly robust, offering you the ability to track and filter for just about anything. Need something not included? You can easily customize your own reports and even create your own statistics. If you don’t already have PT4, pick up your copy today. If you are looking to get more out of PT4, either with huds or filtering, check out the products below.

Custom PokerTracker 4 HUDS

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