About James “SplitSuit” Sweeney

Hi. My name is James Sweeney, although I’m more known by my alias “SplitSuit”* or “Split” for short. I’m the creator of SplitSuit.com and co-founder of Red Chip Poker (the poker training site).

jsI’m originally from a suburb outside of Chicago and I currently live in central Mississippi with my beautiful wife and our 15yr old son. I had a pretty normal childhood, performing well in school and playing a ton of sports. Sports sparked a very competitive nature in me, which eventually carved a natural path into poker.

I played poker a few times in high school, but it became a big part of my life in college. In fact, I met most of my college friends (many transitioning into life-long friends) in the first tournament we ran during orientation weekend. Soon, weekly tournaments turned into daily online sessions, and a few years later I was coaching students and setting the groundwork for my first book.

SplitSuit.com was created my senior year of college as a place to blog and offer coaching. I was actually doing so much coaching that I decided against playing full-time after graduation and instead chose to play part-time and coach part-time. After Black Friday, with thousands locked up on Full Tilt, I decided to coach on a more full-time basis along and also spent time diversifying my skills learning graphic design, video editing, and others to round out my ‘jack of all trades’ skillset.

* A lot of people ask me “where does the name ‘splitsuit’ come from?” I needed to create an alias when I joined the 2p2 forum forever ago. At the time, I was playing PLO8 and a split suit hand is one that has 2 different flush possibilities. Since split suit hands are so powerful, it seemed like a cool alias to acquire. So yeah, I’m one of the few nerds that not only chose their own nickname, but somehow managed to have it stick lol.

More Recently:

Over the last couple years I’ve been working hard to transform my skillset into something really valuable. Poker is a game that requires strong logic, creativity, and a ton of self-drive…and luckily those skills have converted into business as well. This has allowed me to co-found Red Chip Poker – a fast-growing poker training site focused on helping live $1/$2 and $2/$5 players.  To write a couple books. To begin offering webinars. And to release more poker content than pretty much anyone else out there – complete with articles, YouTube videos, and a growing podcast.

As it is with poker, balance is crucial. The last few years have been an exercise in finding the balance between family, work, and the endless list of new projects I want to tackle. In experiencing this for myself it’s given me a new appreciation for the family-man (or family-woman!) that is trying to learn poker and grind alongside a job and family. Which has really altered the way I create content so it’s more effective and efficient. Because the quicker you can learn a concept, the quicker you can start using your new edge on the table and the more time you can ultimately spend doing as you wish.

My Goal With Poker Coaching:

My goal is to help poker players learn more, learn quicker, and ultimately win more. Poker is an incredibly complex game once you start digging, but that exploration should be fun! So whether it’s a podcast, video, or article – the whole point is to help you expand your poker brain in an efficient way. Because once you learn something, you can start putting that knowledge to use and profiting off it. So why not learn that skill as soon as possible!?

Things I Create & Offer:

Books: I’ve written one complete textbook: Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics and I’ve co-written a couple books including Red Chip Poker: Late Position and STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don’t Do.

PRO Tip: When reading a book, read one chapter at a time. While reading make sure to have a piece of paper and pen handy. On that paper, draw a line down the middle and while reading write down things you learned on the left and things you have questions about on the right. That gives you a great starting point for your next study topics and routine.

Poker Videos: Over the last few years I’ve created well over 400 training videos, some free and some premium. Poker videos are one of the most powerful ways to learn poker since they work for audio-learners and visual-learners alike. Today you can find most of my free videos on ThePokerBank’s YouTube channel (which I manage and update regularly) – and my latest premium content can be found on Red Chip Poker with a PRO Membership.

PRO Tip: Make sure to take notes when watching videos. I actually wrote a complete article on Red Chip Poker about getting more value from every poker video.

Guides & Downloads: This is a new offering, but something students are loving. When I make a guide or spreadsheet that could benefit you, I do my best to release them. This saves you time, is a massive shortcut, and allows you digest things much quicker. Here are three of my most popular ones:

                Calling 3bets Guide: www.splitsuit.com/hand-reading-in-3bet-pots

                My Custom Spreadsheets: www.splitsuit.com/sheets

                And make sure to enroll in my free 5-Day Hand Reading Course

Podcast: You don’t always have the time or focus to dive into a book or fire up a training video…but a podcast can fit the bill when it comes to learning something without hardcore focus. I started The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast (it now has over 2,000,000 downloads) with over 150 episodes on important topics like Handling Downswings, Increasing Aggression, and How/Why You Should Play More Hands. For more of the strategy-heavy episodes, I would suggest starting with episode #7: www.redchippoker.com/podcast/


Quizzes: This is something I started creating in 2015 and since then thousands of poker players have tested their skills. Quiz topics range from SPR and Hand vs Range knowledge to fun things like Poker Player Types. Check out the complete list of poker quizzes here.

What’s Coming In The Future?

Over the last few years I’ve been super busy. Here are some of the highlights:

2016: I released The Hand Reading Lab, the first-ever major course dedicated solely to hand reading in poker. This course has revolutionized the way players think about ranges and breakdown hands in real-time. I also created and released my first-ever poker workbook that continues to help live players work through real-life hands and improve their technical abilities between sessions. This first workbook laid the groundwork for all of the poker workbooks that followed.

In the summer of 2016 I helped manage the Red Chip Poker booth at the WSOP. This was an awesome chance to meet fellow Red Chippers, put some faces to names, and see Vegas from a different point of view. And on a personal note, I got baptized and bought my first house – so it was a spectacular year, to say the least!

2017: This was a busy year between travel, developing a stronger balance between work and family, and attempting to build a bigger team around me. On the professional front, I challenged myself to write an entire book in a 1-week timebox. To complicate matters further, I live-streamed the entire writing process on Twitch and after some editing and design, the book Unfolding Poker was released. Months later I finalized the Tournament Final Tables Workbook with Ben Hayles completing the trifecta of poker workbooks (live, online 6max, and tournaments).

2018: The work I did with the Red Chip Poker team allowed us to bring CORE into the world. Over the years, the biggest request I’ve gotten is for an A-Z syllabus to create a pathway for going from beginner to intermediate. CORE is exactly that with over 100 lessons, lots of exclusive video content, badges, a leaderboard, and more. This was a massive undertaking, but it’s been hugely popular – though that could very well be that at $5/week it’s the highest value training you can find.

2019: I have a new workbook outlined that would likely be a Q4 release, and I already created a free on-demand training called Crushing Ace-High Flops. On a personal note, we are expecting our second son in November, so this year is shaping up to be full of blessings =)

Keep In Touch!

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