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Ace King Playbook

Start Crushing With Ace King!

Optimizing Ace King (OAK) is the first poker book to explore a single hand in this much depth. I co-wrote this book with Adam Jones to show you exactly how AK fits into your overall strategy. No more fretting about hitting vs. missing, and no more worrying about facing aggression…

This full-length book builds up your entire strategy through the lens of one starting hand – allowing you to see the trees from the forest in this ever-dense game of poker.


Do you learn best with poker books instead of videos? If so, check out this collection of important poker books for cash game players. I personally wrote Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics, and also co-authored some books with Red Chip Poker. There are also other books that I’ve read along the way and think they add tremendous value, especially Qtip’s Poker Math That Matters if you are serious about your math. Click on any of the books to learn more and add them to your collection today!

New Poker Book

Poker Answers You Can ACTUALLY Use!

Unfolding Poker: Advanced Answers To The Most Frequently-Asked Poker Questions is a must-have book for beginner to intermediate players. Poker books tend to be too long and require a large time investment to finish them – but Unfolding Poker breaks that mold. Open up to any chapter that interests you that day, read it quickly, and put it to use in your next session. Get clear and actionable answers to the questions that impact your winrate today.


Live Hand Reading For $1/$2 and $2/$5

Poker requires a lot of study – but where do you even begin!? Stop guessing and jumping from video to video and instead dive into the new poker workbook. This workbook guides you through hand reading to help you understand your own ranges, your opponent’s ranges, and range vs range situations more clearly. After completing these exercises you’ll be a stronger hand reader, have a better grasp on combos, and will be able to identify frequencies within a range more easily.

And that’s a skillset worth studying for!


Practice Range Building At 6max

Every top-teir player studies between sessions. To become top-teir you have to not only study hard, but study the RIGHT things the RIGHT way. This workbook is exactly what you need to be doing between sessions to expand your skills and increase your winrate. Complete with 40 unique exercises that challenge you to understand your own ranges, assign your opponent’s ranges, and range vs range work that you need to move up – this workbook will keep you focused on the right things.


Prepare To Ship The Big Money Up Top

You’ve been playing well for hours. You’ve fought hard, avoided the suckouts, and find yourself at the final table. With big money up top and only 8 players between yourself and the win – it’s time to focus and play flawless poker.

Your success at this point hinders on how well you’ve prepared. How many ICM spots have you explored? How many player types have you analyzed to find easy steal and 3bet spots against them? How many flops have you mulled over to know when to fire that CB, and when to just check back? This workbook runs you through those spots, and more. Prepare yourself, and see how much easier final table decisions become!

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