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Poker is a game of math disguised as a game all about icy staredowns and insane bluffs. But you don’t need an IQ of 160 to grasp poker math. A little knowledge and a little practice can take you a VERY long way in this game.

So I put together The Poker Math Course to help you learn the underlying mathematics. From basic concepts like pot odds and equity to complex calculations and runout analysis, this course lays out the concepts, formulas, and exercises you need.

What’s covered in this course? Check out the lesson list for yourself. Each module is built off the back of my latest poker workbooks (although the workbooks aren’t required) and utilizes both premium and free tools like my poker spreadsheets.

Course Content

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This Course Includes:

  • 70+ lessons
  • 8+ hours of content
  • Examples with each lesson
  • Access to my private Discord
  • Utilizes high-end software like Flopzilla Pro
  • Totally FREE

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Enroll for free today and complete the course at your own pace. I can’t wait to see you in there!

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