February 10 – I Am Almost Done

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…with this damn script. It is putting me on effing life tilt for some odd reason. It is for some odd reason really hard to explain some of the pots that I fight for on the flop. Trying to explain clearly why stabbing in certain spots is profitable is fairly difficult. It has forced me to go back and run EV analysis on a bunch of different lines, re-check my DB, and run a variety of test given board textures + our hand. The video should be sick, if for nothing more than just the bluff CR-ing section…but it is a bear of a video to write so far.


I also got the greenlight from Stox to do the innovative video idea I mentioned a few posts back. I should have that video released next Saturday. I have to do a little work for that video, both on getting some good hands together and also scripting/organizing…but it should be fun to create and even more fun to be a part of.
All this poker work has been amazing. I have my protege group in chat at all hours, I have been scripting and/or framing videos all month, and all that being done between students. It only sucks because I have very little time for sessions, though was able to finally put in a 4tabling RUSH session on Monday. Should have recorded it actually because the session had a few decent AI pots and some really nice action spots. I actually ran tight as hell for me (15/13), but kept a nice 68% ATS and 64% steal success, lol.
Also got my entire Tank prepped for tomorrow. There are still a couple spots left if people are interested. The whole thing will be on hand reading and the examples I got together should help significantly for anyone struggling with hand reading preflop or postflop. Hopefully it should be fun and helpful as the other ones have been =)
Hope all is well!


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