February 20 – Video Is Done!

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Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I did the podcast on Tuesday or w/e and totally got sidetracked all week. Ended up having a super busy coaching week, and after tomorrow I think I will have reached 14hrs or so (before I factor in protege time)….so it has been a lot of work. Also spent an insane amount of time with this video. Oddly enough, it is only a 20minute video (if you watched it front to back, but the actual time spent on the video for most people will be like 12minutes)…but it probably took me about 16hrs to make.


It took me forever to figure out the full backend of the video. And then when I tried to add a custom intro to it, that effed everything up and I had a totally busted video. After an addy and about 40 minutes of lifetilt I just scrapped the intro and everything worked again. *sigh* So even though this video took forever to make, a lot of the time was spent learning how to make it, what works v doesn’t, etc. My future videos will benefit greatly from this, lol.
The rest of the week was spent relaxing in between the back end work. Played disc golf on Thursday (only got a 63, boo that noise) though realized my putting was pretty trashy…so I have some work to do. Finally got my oil changed (I thought it had only been like 4mo since I got it done last, turns out it has been around 8, oops), and also this damn parking sticker off my car (again, another 9mo thing). And went down to the strip today to meet up with Mpimp and have lunch. Good time, very relaxing, and always nice to see how a poker player balances wife/kid/job…
Alright, that is enough for me. I need to go prep a session and then take a long nap (only got 4hrs of sleep last night)…Hope all is well guys!


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