February 8 – Dear Sklansky:

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I would like to take out a loan against the Sklansky bucks I have lost over the last 2 years please =)
Went to the strip to watch the Superbowl. Had a quick lunch then went down to the sports book to get a seat. I’m not totally sure why I was surprised that there were no seats available (even though I was an hour early to kickoff). O well. Figured I would play live and watch it in the poker room. I didn’t even make it to kickoff before being down my first buyin, lol.
200NL: I overlimp 77 and see a 5 way flop of Ks 7h 4s. BB bets $6, folds to me and I raise to $21, folds to BB who calls (he has about $190 left, I cover). Turn is a 5c. He checks, I bet $42, he CR’s to $125, I snap shove and he snap calls. He proudly tables Js6s and hits a nice Qs on the river. So there is one 70/30.
200NL: I overlimp 8s6s, a lady with $150 small ISO’s to $10, all fold to me who happily calls OOP (I cover). Flop Ts 4c 2s. I donk $10, she minR’s, I giggle and call. Turn is an 8h. I donk for $10 again thinking she would minR or w/e. She raises to $35, I call and brick the river (just c/f). She shows AA, I am not shocked.
200NL: I overlimp Ah6h and see a 6 way pot. Flop is Th 9c 3h. BB bets $8, I raise to $31, random callybox calls IP, and BB calls (callybox and I are about $240 deep, BB has $35 left). Turn is a 9d, BB shoves for $35, I call, callybox folds (lol, wtf?). River is a Q and I lose to QJo. 78/22 there.
Just some other crap throughout (lost AQ v KK aipf against a spaz, never hit a single pair when I opened, etc). O well. It just sucks to lose playing live. First, because playing live is the equivilant to playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos controlling 3 hippos…and secondly because it would take years upon years to ever get a sample size. *sigh*




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