Mar 27 – Weekend In Boston

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So I drove down to Boston on Friday and have been down here ever since. I drove my sister’s car, which is by far the worst ride I have ever driven in, lol. And this is saying a lot considering that I bought a car in college that I was only able to drive once and it broke down on that drive. I also have to do more driving in that car for the next few days…hopefully I don’t die!

The weekend was pretty solid, even though I spent most of it working (a lot of coaching plus content creation for my new site). Other than that I did a lot of eating (my mom always does a lot of baking when I come home), and also trying some new restaurants. I ended up doing “Five Guys” today, which was extremely solid. I would actually say I liked it better than In-n-out…which saddens me because there are no 5guys out in vegas, lol. Also ate at Tsang’s last night…which was pretty meh as far as the sushi was concerned imo.
I also got to see a hard copy of my book (as my paperbacks arrived in Vegas like 2 days after i left on vacation, lol). I will say this…there is nothing cooler than seeing an in-hand copy of a book with your own name on it. It felt really odd, but exciting at the same time. It is really making me want to crank out the next book ASAP, which I think I am going to spend a lot of time working on in April. I am actually taking a ton of days “off” (in the sense that I won’t be coaching) in April, so hopefully I can get a lot of writing and video stuff done. It should be a good month =)
With that all said, I am going to go pass out. I need to get up pretty early tomorrow to do some driving before coaching starts (why I scheduled coaching the day before I leave is beyond me, lol). Hopefully all is going well with yall!


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