March 19 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (+Tattoo!)

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I meant to write up a post on St. Patrick’s Day but ended up passing out a little early. I have been very tired the last week or so (not fully sure why), and passing out relatively early. O well. St. Patrick’s Day was really solid. Woke up at 1p, got in a record-game of disc golf (56 finally!), then went out and got some Irish food. Enjoyed some live Irish music because it had been awhile, and got the urge to go get my new tattoo. By far my most expensive tattoo, but I am very happy with it thus far. The swelling is still a lil prevelant, thus why the circle’s lines a lil blurry, but it happens:


The writing means “Luck Box” in Irish Gaelic. Yes, I got luck box tattooed on me for life, lol. It is a great reminder that, although I have had some hardships, I am an incredibly lucky individual. I am blessed physically and mentally, and would be an idiot to not acknowledge that. And I liked the Celtic circle design. I’m hoping the circles look more crsip once the swelling is fully down…and if not, I will go get it touched up. However, I will say this tattoo felt the best. I honestly didn’t feel any pain and it was really relaxing. I suppose it is only a matter of time until I get my left arm done to even everything out, lol.
Everything else this week has been really good. Had a relatively light work week (took Wednesday off), and will only have had like 8hrs of coaching (plus a 6hr protege wee) by the time it is all said and done. Will spend most of tomorrow getting some writing done as well. I might even start making some videos as I wanted to put a new video on 2p2 at some point soon. Probably will do a video at 10NL or something just having some fun and banging around. I also started formulating another article to write tying poker and economics…so I could talk about marginal returns and basic economic principals that work well. We shall see though…time is always an odd thing.
And on that note…I’m off to sleep. Hope all is well!


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