2011 Protégé Program

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2011 Protege Program

In 2011 I will be running my protege program again. The goal with this program is to create a close relationship with a group of poker players, and help them accomplish their poker goals. This is a great program for those planning on playing professionally, or serious players who plan on putting in a solid chunk of volume. If this sounds like you, keep on reading!

What is the protege program?:

This program will consist of myself, my co-coach, and up to 12 students. It will run for the entire year of 2011, and aims to increase all student’s skill sets and abilities.

Is this program for me?:

If you are a grinder and looking to improve your skills while networking with a solid group of like-minded poker players, this program is for you. If you are unsure about playing poker, or just looking for free coaching, this program will be an brutal failure for you. Also, you do not need to be a winning player to apply for the program…just be motivated and hungry to learn and grind!

What is expected from me?:

Because you get a large amount of coaching from me (I estimate my average protege from 2010 got over 120hrs from me (over a $9,000 value)), I am asking for a percentage of your wins for the year. The exact percentage will be negotiated, but I assure you, I don’t expect to be retiring from this program =). I want you to be happy and comfortable with everything to ensure that your grinding and involvement is fruitful.

What is the structure like?:

The protege program is very front-loaded. More coaching is done up front to ensure the rest of the year is spent focusing on details, as opposed to core fundamentals. There is nothing set in stone like “we will do 1 sweat session/week, and 1 hand history review twice/month”…rather we just flow and do sessions as they come up and are needed. Most of the time I am able to answer questions during the day, as I am always trying to ensure you get what you need between scheduled sessions.

How do I get involved?:

Fill out the application below and email it to splitsuit@gmail.com . Just put “Protege Program 2011” in the title.

1.) Name:
2.) 2p2/poker names:
3.) Location:
4.) Poker Background:
5.) How many hands did you play in 2010?:
6.) General PT/HEM stats:
7.) Reason for applying:
8.) Poker goals:

I look forward to welcoming you the team =)


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