Free Video Playing 50 No Limit RUSH On Full Tilt Poker

This 35 minute video reviews a session I played at 50NL when Full Tilt originally released RUSH Poker. Because it was RUSH I was able to play a lot of hands, and thus many fun spots were discussed.  Here were my stats from the session:

VPIP: 18%

PFR: 16%

Steal: 69%

3Bet: 7%

Profit: $77.80 (25bb/100)

In this video we discussed playing in games with minimal info (I didn’t use a HUD in this video as HUDs didn’t work when RUSH was originally released). I did some light 3betting, aggressive postflop play, and talked about handling the speed of RUSH (and thus other speed poker formats). This video would be very beneficial for players in Zoom games, but the concepts carry over nicely to regular speed games and also limits like 25NL. Enjoy!

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