Going All-In Preflop With AK & QQ

Make sure you know EXACTLY when to shove these hands...

Play AK/QQ Correctly!

There are three kinds of players. Those who play AK/QQ too passively preflop. Those who play AK/QQ too aggressively preflop. And players who play AK/QQ perfectly. This video shows you exactly when to get Ace King and Pocket Queens all-in preflop using simple tools, simple math, and intuition that’ll leave your opponents guessing.

Stop guessing with these hands. Stop folding so much. And stop leaving money on the table with AK and QQ. This 30 minute shows you how to use powerful and free tools to make sure your shoves are +EV. It shows you how to fight back with 4bets and 5bets. And it shows you how to put your opponents in tough spots…rather than letting them push you around.

As the games get more and more aggressive, knowing when to get these hands in the middle is crucial. So stop waiting, and pull the trigger so that you can start pulling the trigger with AK and QQ correcty!